An interruption to our regularly scheduled broadcast

Which basically means I'm taking a break from FINALLY working on/writing my senior research paper. You know, being that I've got less than 3 weeks until I graduate, it's probably a good idea to get this bitch under control. Have no fear, progress is being made. I actually have a solid 3 pages of writing and some figures in, which is a huge improvement from my zero pages about 2 hours ago.

I don't know about y'all, but I had a pretty dang good Thanksgiving. In fact, I had two of them, one of which include mounds of my mother's yummy cooking which she does FAR too infrequently for my liking because no matter how much you try to replicate your mother's recipe, something is always missing. So, needless to say, I gained about five pounds Friday alone. Oh well!

But what does this all mean? It means that my FAVORITE FUCKING HOLIDAY is upon us! Christmas is almost here! I love this dang season and I'm doing everything I can to shake off this crazy, stressful, depressing funk that's been clinging to me and embracing my favorite time of year. I decorated my place and now every time I walk in my front door it makes me smile. I'm getting my tree this coming week and will squeal with delight once it's in it's proper place, lights all aglow. I've enjoyed my peppermint mochas and spiced apple ciders in the red cup from starbucks and I've begun my all time favorite activity: christmas shopping for all! I love giving people gifts and watching their faces light up as they open them. Whether it's a big or small gift, the joy of giving something to someone warms my soul (assuming I still have one of course).

Anyways, I digress. This post was supposed to be about the fact that the only place I can ever get any work done is Starbucks. So, as I'm sitting here I nearly laughed out loud remembering a story I forgot to post here about the last time I was camped out at a starbucks in F-town. There I was, frantically banging away at my keyboard, emailing professors at universities left and right to try and find some damn sponsorship for my future when, EEK, the urge to void all the caffeine I just consumed hit me. I made sure my belongings were secure and scurried off to the loo, locking the door behind me. As I was washing my hand I was incredibly glad I had just emptied my bladder because someone slammed their body against the door while rattling the handle to open it. Finding their path blocked after ramming the door like a left tackle, they proceeded to knock incessantly on the door. Annoyed, I opened the door with wet hands still clutching a paper towel to come face to face with a large, strange woman, dressed from head to toe in some fashion of clothes/pajamas in many shades of pink, who seemed startled to find another human on the other side of the door. She looked at me and said "I didn't know anyone was in there."

No apology.
No "excuse me".
Just pure stupidity.

I finished drying my hands, tossed the paper towel in the trash and squeezed past her and explained to her in as few words as possible that that's what the locked door was all about.

Surprisingly, after that incident, pimping myself out to all of mankind felt somewhat more satisfying because hell, even if I didn't get a sponsor, at least I knew the functions of a locked door.


Happy day before tofu-turkey-day

Today? Is a great day. Why might you ask? Here's why...

1. It's the day before Thanksgiving.
2. I got to wear jeans to work.
3. I get off an hour early because of the holiday.
4. I'm looking down the barrel of a four-fucking-day-weekend playas.
5. It's cold, so I got to rock my new long fuscia wool coat (hot!)
6. I had a super awesome lunch date.
7. I get to have TWO Thanksgivings this week.
8. With the four day weekend I'm thinking it might be time to make some peanut butter balls.
9. I realized that I have approximately 3 weeks until I am a college graduate (also slightly frightening but let's focus on the positive here)
10. I just received the most encouraging email from a prospective professor at one of the universities I applied to that makes my heart soar.

There they are, 10 not so random things that have made me smile today. Having been a bit blue lately, it's nice to not only feel great but stop and be thankful for all that I have. A loving family, AMAZING friends (even if they try to pimp me out to their brothers *cough* melissa! *cough*) and more blessings than I realize.

As for Black Friday plans, I intend to stuff myself at my mother's house and that's it. I will not join the crazies at 3 am to save $50. I will not rampage through a store for a sale. No. Because, in all honestly folks, we know I'd end up stabbing somebody. That's just how it would be. So any money saved would then have to be spent on bail and that's entirely too counter productive in my book. No, I much prefer to let my lazy ass sleep in and order my christmas presents off of the internet :)

So happy Thanksgiving y'all! May your blessings be many and your pants be stretchy!


Nostalgia stings like a punch in the crotch

5 years ago I made a tough decision. A decision to end my time away at college and move home. There were a lot of factors that went into that decision and to this day it was probably one of the most difficult ones I've yet to make. To pack up my meager belongings from my dorm room, fill up my car, and head back out of town without the chance to properly say goodbye to my friends, to the life that I had begun to create.

I've never felt regret at making that decision because I did what had to be done. That is until now. For some reason I find myself dwelling more and more on my time spent up in the PNW, the amazing friends I made and how my time with them was cut short, the life I could have been living now if I'd found another solution to the problems at the time. It's hard not to think that all the pain and rejection and stress I'm feeling right now could have been avoided if I'd done that. Then again, maybe not. Oh to have a bloody crystal ball or freaking Delorian to take me back in time and see what happens if I made that other decision.

Regardless, it's safe to say that I've been a little blue and nostalgic. And also a little cross at the amount of money I've been shelling out lately. Between graduate applications and spending about $300 on my car today (with more to come in a few months maybe) it's just frustrating to feel like you're going in circles and not getting anywhere.

Depressing much? I know. What happened to the old Bees? The one who was sarcastic and cranky and ran into things all the time? I spose she's still around here somewhere. If you find her, let me know.


Today we remember while moving forward

Today? is Veteran's Day. A day to honor and remember all of those before today and currently who have fought to defend the freedom that we so enjoy. Today, I thank you Rod, Dan, Robert, Joshua, Scott, Frank and any whom I cannot call to mind, because you have made a difference.

On a day like today it seems fitting to try to think positively, which has not been one of my strong suits these days. It's hard to see the small joys around you when you're constantly worrying about the future and where you're going to end up. I stumbled upon THIS blog post and found that it warmed my soul a little and brought a smile to my face. A genuine smile.

So despite what you're going through, despite the pain or suffering or sadness that you might be feeling, remember that you are worthwhile. You are something. And you are special. These are words that even I forget and need to remind myself from time to time. Enjoy today, give thanks and remember.


Aren't pimps supposed to get paid? I think I'm being ripped off here.

Everyone and their mom (including mine actually!) has been asking me what I plan to do after my 2-years-late-final-graduation accomplishment. My standard reply is "Graduate School" to which of course people want to know where and don't seem satisfied when I answer "Anywhere that I get in." Apparently that's poor future planning.

So, to quelch all these questions at once, this has been my graduate school process so far. Of course, for these activities you must picture me as stressed, over caffienated and slightly crazed from lack of sleep.

1. Take horrible tests that make you feel dumb.
2. Repeat tests because you suck.
3. Decide on schools to apply to.
4. Change your mind.
5. Realize no one at these schools has research in your field.
6. Change schools again.
7. Email a couple professors and realize that you want to change your schools again.
8. Curse yourself.
9. Spend hours reading faculty profiles on websites.
10. Finally locate a sparse few crumbs of hope that someone will take on your research.
11. Pimp yourself out with hundreds of emails to more universities than imaginable.
12. Have a panic attack everytime your email notifier goes off.
13. Get depressed when it's an email from Borders and not a professor.
14. Get depressed when it IS from a professor because you feel the sting of rejection as they say no.
15. Wait.

That about sums it all up. I have sent out almost 20 emails to 20 professors hoping that at least one of them will be willing to take on someone like me (aka: with little research or exotic experience but a lot of gumption!). And to save you from asking "What universities?" Here they are in no particular order (read: the first two I would shat myself if they let me in):

1. CSU Humboldt
2. Texas A&M
3. Washington State
4. Mississippi State
5. Montana State
6. UC Davis
7. University of Tennessee
8. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Yes, I realize most of them are in places where it gets unbelievably cold or snowy or humid and that sucks, but I'll go where the research is available. I also realize they're all far away from California except for 3, which sucks, considering come this spring I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE! (Pretty much the most exciting news of my life) Which means I'll be far away from my little Bean, which is sad and guilt riddling but I have to do what I have to do and I'm a damn good care package sender :) Thank god for skype!

In other news, do you remember that half-marathon at Disney Land that I was torturing myself with? Well here's a photo to prove I actually DID finish it.

Kind of amazing.
Now, excuse me while I go continue to over caffinate so that I can be even jumpier when my email dings at me.


Pretty much the best email I've ever recieved.

That's right playas, I'm finally graduating. Who'da thunk it possible? There must be a cold front moving through hell, because I'm pretty sure I never thought I'd see this day come.

What does this mean for me? It means I retook the GRE and am now about waist deep in graduate school applications (or trying to figure them out that is). Once those are done, there's nothing to do but finish my semester of slaughtering things and sitting around twiddling my thumbs while drowning my anxiety in wine and icecream (probably not together, but I make no promises...desperate times my friends, desperate times) until I find out who rejects me and who accepts me.

I think I might frame this screen capture, that's how happy it makes me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go curl up in the fetal position so I can mentally prepare myself for the emotional trauma of slaughtering some cows tomorrow....


Today's color is: Red.


It's the color of the numbers flashing on the clock telling me I'm already 15 mintues late leaving the house in the morning.

It's the color of the fucking stoplight that made me sit for over 5 minutes because it refused to let my side turn green but taunted me by turning the other 3 sides of the intersection green. Three times. Count them. 1. 2. 3.

It's the color of my vision as I was stuck in the worst traffic ever trying to get to fresno on time.

It's the color of the mark that was on my face from nearly falling asleep in class because I didn't have time to get coffee this morning.

It's the color of my skin as I baked in my car for almost an hour waiting for my prof to show up to the second half of our lab today.

It's the color of my impatience as I waited 10 minutes to get $20 out of the ATM because of the two turtles in front of me taking their sweet ass time.

Red. I used to like you, but now I fear you're just another tool the universe is using to put my brain in a vice grip and squeeeeeeeze. Forever more you will be equated with blood and pain.

Needless to say, it's been a shittacular day. Add that in with my excursions on Sunday and my discovery yesterday, and we're chalking it up to a bad week here folks. I know, a month of no posting and you get this? Well tune in later and I'll tell you all about how I think I'm becoming a giant magnet that kills all things remotely electronic within a mile radius of me.

But, you'll all be happy to know, that the mysterious horn honking is back. In the past couple of weeks I've managed to scare the shit out of myself by honking my own horn more than a half dozen times. The culprit? Usually my backpack. But one unlucky time, it was my forehead as I reached back down into my car for something. Yes, yes I AM that dumb. Feel free to laugh.


Just send caffeine and xanex.

No, not dead, not yet anyways.

I haven't written anything in awhile because I haven't had anything to say that wouldn't have been all gloom and doom. I've been a giant hairball of stress, irritation and crankiness lately and it's taken all of my effort not to take it out on those around me. So, I'm sorry if you've fallen victim to the shit storm of these past few weeks, cause it's not y'alls fault.

But the storm still rages.

So I still have nothing witty, funny or mildly entertaining to say.

Until I do, just check out the baby zombie.



So what do you do when you have a kind of cruddy Monday at work because well, it's Monday, you're tired and you've got a ton of stuff to do and your feeling a wee bit stressed?

Well I don't know about you but I took it out on my backyard. I pulled a few weeds, I raked a bunch of leaves (yes leaves, yes it's summer not fall, I don't understand it either you'd have to ask that fecking tree in my backyard that drops leaves ALL YEAR LONG) and, I tackled trimming back two small trees back there that were kind of taking over. I couldn't walk past them to the rest of the patio without ducking. Here is where I had a tiny problem though. Even though I wanted to take out my aggression on said trees, I don't per say own proper tree trimming equipment. The big squeezy trimmer thing, would have been helpful, a chain saw would have been most excellent (though let's face it, no one is letting me wield a chain saw on my own considering I can't even close my car door without maiming myself). But alas, I had none of these. So what do you do when you have two trees getting smart with themselves and taking over your backyard but nothing to trim them with? You grab a heavy duty pair of old scissors and show those bitches who is boss, THAT'S what. I know, scissors right? Geez Anna, way to be ghetto. But these aren't giant trees and scissors cut through most branches. Let me tell you, they are 100% better than before. Now someone who possess the right equipment (including a ladder) please come to my house and finish the job because they're still out of control way up high. :)

After attacking my backyard with a vengeance, I went to a softball game. And then watched a movie. And of course, me being me, towards the end of said movie I managed to knock over an entire glass of water....that was full...and it was a 32 oz. glass. Awesome. I really don't understand why my brain and my limbs cannot communicate with one another. Seriously body? The deuce.

What does any of this have to do with balls? Absolutely nothing. But it is fun to say.


The universe has spoken

And unless they invent a full body bubble suit, I will not be learning to ride a bike soon.

Yesterday I ran into my car door with my knee, and the pain was instant. Now? There is about a golf ball sized purple bruised slight goose egg looking monstrosity on my knee. Awesome.

Way to be subtle universe.


To ride or not to ride, that IS the question. No really, it is.

In the past week I've had two completely different conversations with two different people and both of them? circled around to bike riding. And to the ever pressing question I then ask myself "why don't you learn to ride a bike like every other normal functioning adult?". And then I answer myself "because i'm a big fat weiner who hates to admit but she's afraid of those two wheeled BEASTS!". Considering I've asked myself this twice this week oddly enough, it's safe to say it's a topic up for debate. I really should learn to ride a bike, I mean, it's a pretty basic skill right? Of course there's the whole problem of me being one of the most uncoordinated people on the planet (and if you disagree I have a story from Dublin that will change your mind, believe me...) and the other slight problem of me not owning a bike. Food for thought, or more like wheels for thought? Pain for thought? Hurt pride for thought? I don't know, I should be thinking about something but now I've gotten completely distracted and OH SHINY....

I also finally saw Eclipse in the past week. My thoughts? Cheesy still, definitely, but I feel like each movie they do a better and better job of making the movie less painful to watch. I was a bit skeptical considering of the 4 books, this one is my favorite, so I was afraid they'd slaughter it. But they did an alright job and I didn't leave cringing at having to admit that I saw it..in the theatre.

Why does it have to be hot as balls outside? Granted it's cooler than it was a couple days ago. A mere 101 instead of 105 or whatever the blasted hell it was. But seriously. It makes me NOT want to do anything. I am physically incapable of functioning when it is above 95. I should go to the gym, but the thought of getting hot and sweaty when I'm already hot and sweaty, makes me gag a little. And then I think I should go swimming! But I don't have the energy to squeeze my large behind (from not going to the gym) into my bathing suit and sloughing myself over to scam on the sister's pool. All I can muster the energy for is changing into clothes that are akin to underwear and flopping myself on a couch under the air vent with a fan on me. I commend people who do not have airconditioning because I have discovered that I? am a prima donna who needs her fecking A/C! So bravo all you brave souls, my wallet weeps for your bravery as it shells out money to pay for my refrigerated air.

Because of the heat and my longing to dig my toes in the sand, I am desperately craving a trip to the beach. It might happen on Saturday. A quick trip over to soak up some cool ocean breeze, in the sun, in the sand, with a book. *sigh* For now, I'll have to settle for munching on ice and sitting around in my chonies.


This may require two tylenol and a gallon of water in the morning.

A week ago today I was on a plane. Somewhere.

Today is a much different version of what I was doing a week ago.

Today I was nothing but lazy. I woke up fairly early, laid in bed for awhile, then finally got up and got dressed to go to the movies with the sister and our friend. After nearly polishing off the world's largest popcorn bucket with the sister, I came home to do......nothing.

An incredibly unproductive day. I could have continued to hang my frames in my room, but I didn't. Or clean my apartment. But I didn't. Or done any number of things.

But I didn't.

I did however, have an eventful Saturday. After a few errands and a trip to Lowes to pick up the newest love of my life, the laser level, I joined some old high school chaps for a trip to the movies. Needless to say for about 3 hours I had the hugest high school flashback, but it was a lot of fun to be around those guys again. After that it was off to the grandparents for a BBQ to see my family from Japan that was visiting as well as family from nearby that I don't get to see on a regular basis. It was so nice to see everyone and we managed to survive the ball sweat inducing heat that threatened to turn us all into balls of human flesh and sweat, unrecognizable to anyone. Honestly, must H-town reside smack dab in the middle of the devil's crotch? Because it's so blasted hot that dessert for dinner is going to be in effect until the triple digits leave as it's the only thing one should eat when it's that hot.

So back to my day of nothing. I'm capping it off by opening the bottle of champagne that's been in my fridge since December. Perhaps it's a bit sad and pathetic to open a bottle of champagne to consume alone. And perhaps it's just the thing that a day of laziness and gluttony calls for.

I vote option two.


You know that old song "This is the song that never ends" that repeats and drives you bonkers. Just replace song with day.

I have left the motherland to return to htown. It's such a bittersweet event. I soaked up my last views of the city as I arrived at the airport in style via the red mercedes cab that picked me up. Good ol Londontown, you never really leave it though.

I thoroughly enjoyed being lazy and reading tons of books and riding trains and laying in parks and doing all the nature things I did AND most importantly, hanging out with the lovely Mel. You rock Mel! It's kind of ridiculous when her and I get together, but always entertaining. Like the 80's dance disco club we went to on Friday night. Woah and woah. Like woah. A total freakfestathon to watch and it was amazing.

I'm currently hanging out in the Vegas airport, watching skeevy men from the valley try and get that last minute hook up in the airport with some other real "classy" ladies on the flight. At this point, I'm incredibly happy that this airport has booze everywhere, as they have left in search of some. Ok, so maybe I'm a little cranky, but considering I've been up for almost 24 hours, I think I'm a little entitled. Today's travel has taught me several things. Firstly, when you plan ahead and arrive uber early, sometimes things can fall into place so smoothly you find yourself with oodles of time to wait for your flight. Secondly, for international flights, direct is the way to go because transfers? far too stressful. Thirdly, I will never EVER never ever ever fly into JFK again if I can avoid it. That place is a mad house with absolutely no organization.....or A/C. Thumbs down JFK. And lastly, if it's ever possible that I pop out a rug rat, said rug rat will not be allowed to kick and whack their head against and jab with their tiny elbows the strange adult that is sitting next to them on the plane like the kid next to me for 7 hours. Or bang on the seat in front of him. Or beat on his sister next to him. If that's the case, he'd be checked in cargo in a crate and I'd pick him up at the oversize baggage carousel when we landed.

All that said, I'd chalk this up to a successful vacation indeed!

One more flight to go, 40 minute car ride and I will be comatose in my own bed (yesssssss) for about 12 hours.


It only costs a pound or two, but it will save your life, and my stomach.

That's it.

I've decided that I need to find me a big pot o' gold at the end of some freaking rainbow because leisure and me? We just work together. I feel better than I have since I was in London last Spring. Completely relaxed, no pressure, no stress, nothing. I've read half a book today among my dilly-dallying around the city and that makes this my 5th book that I've almost finished since I've been on vacation. I'm rested and happy and it is a feeling I'm going to miss when I leave vacation behind. But that's days away so for now, I shall wrap myself in this awesome feeling.

Today I went cave exploring. Well, more I followed an experienced guide through pitch black chalk mine caves holding a little gas lantern and that? was pretty amazing. I went to the Chislehurst Caves today and then wandered back into the city to visit Trafalgar Square, Westminster, eat a late late late lunch in the Victoria garden/park next to Parliament and then found my way back home before commute time made the trains unbearable. I don't know what this evening holds, but I know it will be grand even if it's just dinner and a movie again.

I find myself trying to avoid or breeze through the large site/touristy areas because I just don't have the patience for tourists. Yes, yes I know technically I am a tourist but since I've lived here I feel less like a tourist and more like I've just fallen back into one of my favorite places. I do have a few tips for the would be tourists out there, mostly based off of things that were either irritating or gag inducing:

1. DEODORANT! I cannot stress how important this one step in a daily routine can be. It will make your journey and the journey of anyone within a 500 meter radius much more pleasant. I am already incredibly tired of being forced to control my gag reflex by running into a wall of dirty pit stench. Whether it be in a train car or on a street corner. Come on ya'll, one small step for mankind.

2. Pull over to discuss, take photos or look at a map. Standing in the middle of the bottom of a set of stairs in the tube is unwise, you will lose a limb and I may or may not be the one to take it from you. The middle of the sidewalk is not a gathering place. And please, PLEASE do not give myself or other passersby dirty looks when we bump into you. The sidewalk is not wide enough that your ass and your pride can reside in the middle of the damn thing.

3. If you're wielding luggage or a buggy (stroller) kindly stay to one side or the other. Don't lolly-gag and cause a traffic jam. You will get unkind looks and huffs from most Londoners who are going to and fro.

I have yet to have the energy to try and post any pictures and actually I haven't taken many. I have so many photos from living here it's hard not to think I'm just taking more of the same pictures. My trip seems to have a nature theme going : zoo, wetlands, chalk caves... so most pictures are just of scenery but someday I'll put a few up.

Till then, cheers.


It's kind of early, I'm pretty hungry and not sure what's going on with this stupid software

This was intended to be a long post chalk full of pictures and such.

But then my computer and blogger started being an asshole, so we'll see how far I get.

I've been out of NY for almost a week now and while I had a rough start, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself now and back to the swing of things in London. Getting here was a doozy though. After much wasted time standing in lines at JFK, I finally boarded my plane and we pushed off and headed down the tarmac....only to stop and be told they were shutting the engines off and we weren't leaving for at least 2 hours. What has been left out of this story is that I was sitting next to quite possibly the craziest bitch on the planet, who had to be hopped up on meth or crack or something, so those extra few hours were not pleasant. We finally get airborne and they serve us the fabulous airline cuisine for dinner but by the time they reach me...no more vegetarian meals left, no biggie, ate the salad and roll, good to go. Arrive in London finally, get away from miss crazy, get grilled for 5 minutes by passport control and finally grab my luggage and head for the tube at the airport, which is forever and a day away. Get on the train, done. Get to where I need to change tube lines, good to go. Get to Victoria station to catch the overground train to Melissa's and of course there are no elevators here. Cut to me going slowly up the stairs, banging my suitcase and an old man wanting to be helpful and me reassuring him I am fine fine fine but he'll have none of it so he grabs my suitcase....and breaks the handle. Then runs away saying sorry. Now I'm stuck with a broke ass suitcase and have to manage the rest of the journey. By the time I finally reached the flat I was dehydrated, starving and exhausted. I thought "some food, some water, maybe a nap, you'll be good to go."

I was wrong.

So very wrong.

The food I ate, came right back up....twice. Along with the water I drank. My nap turned into having to sleep my entire first day here because every time I went vertical, my stomach clenched and threatened to send me heaving again. The girls here were great and took fantastic care of me, but worry struck because we were leaving for Dublin the next day! Thank the heavens when I woke up all was well, though my stomach was still a little iffy, and Mel and I made our way to Dublin just fine.

Dublin was great, except for all the Americans there. Don't get me wrong I've got lots of pride and love my country, but dammit I didn't go to Dublin to look at and listen to my countrymen. But, even with that, we had a great time there and made it safely back to London. Where the next day I met up with Mo Coppoletta at The Family Business Tattoo shop and got some new ink done, which is gorgeous and I love it. He has a book coming out, which is kind of exciting, and honestly he's one of the most fun tattoo artists I've ever had work done by. An incredibly enjoyable experience both times I've gone to him.

Now my time of leisure truly begins. I have no plans to speak of, which is awesome. Mel and I tried to go to our favorite Friday night hotspot in Angel, for I Love the 90's, only to be horrified to find that it has been replaced with some indie music night and the skankalicious girls were stankin' the area up so we just had dinner and came back to the flat to chill for a bit. A sad let down but I guess all good things can't last. What's up for today? Who knows, the zoo maybe? Reading in the park? Walking the city?

Until next time....


The end is nigh

The time of fabulous pizza, drag queens and ball sweat inducing humidity is coming to an end. Today is my last day in the big apple and then tonight I am London bound. I'm sad to be leaving NYC but also incredibly excited to be back in London!

What have I done while I've been here you ask? Well, you read about my day with Alli D right? That means on Friday I was on my own in the city for most of the day. But, because I'm a total dumb dumb, I wore horrible shoes on Thursday and have now been battling the biggest blisters EVER on the bottom, yes, bottom of my feet. Specifically the pads of my feet which make walking oh so much fun. Riiiiight. But that hasn't stopped me! This is all that I saw on Friday, in list form of course:

Strawberry Fields in Central Park
The John Lennon Memorial Mosaic
More of Central Park
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Rockefeller Center
Radio city Musical Hall
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Chrysler Building
Empire State Building
Union Station
Union Square
World Trade Center

Plus, lady Kate and I went to a NY must, the Shake Shack, for dinner. Where I am apparently a failure. Not only did I have their "shroom burger" for vegetarians (fail 1: best burgers in town not consumed, though that shroom burger was mighty tasty!) but I had just a plain milkshake (fail 2: they have these things called concretes that are crazy concoctions with toppings in them). It was incredibly yummy though.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day. Lady Kate and I wandered around Williamsburg in Brooklyn, had a late brunch, went into the city, walked around a bit then met up with some of her friends at a bar to watch the world cup game....and get completely smashed before 5 o'clock. Kind of awesome. After that was a slightly drunken subway ride back to Brooklyn where we stood in line for about an hour for Grimaldi's pizza, pretty much the BEST pizza I've ever eaten. And Lady Kate and I may have polished off a pie and a half (my new friend Gabby had 1 piece, so I don't think that counts as help :).

What's up for today? Packing up my suitcase that has exploded and potentially checking out the Pride parade going on before taking my 1 hour cab ride to the airport (because I don't want to deal with luggage and 2 hours on the subway/air train, yes I'm lazy).

So Ciao NYC! Thanks for proving to me I am completely out of tourist shape. I've got the sore legs and the battle scarred feet to prove it. Until next time big apple.


First bite of the big Apple

I would consider today a success.

After a day full of travel yesterday and my first yellow cab ride into the city with the fabulous Lady Kate, a late night dinner at a quaint NY restaurant superbly called Kitchenette (I think), today was my first full day in the Big Apple. My impression? NYC is kind of great. Yes, it is similar to many other big cities in the world that I've been to and yet, it has it's own way of standing out. Like offering 1000% humidity and making me a sweaty beast all day, while still being able to enjoy myself. That is a fate I never thought possible.

I spent the day wandering all over the Manhattan and surrounding boroughs, and literally, ALL over, with the lovely Alli D. She is a fantastic hostess and city tour guide, so thanks lady! We were in all kinds of fabulous places that I should probably know the name of but they completely escape me at this moment in time. We took the Staten Island ferry,which hello!, is completely free and gives amazing views of the city and the statue of liberty which you can see below. (these are all cell phone photos, regular camera with some zoom action will be providing much more detailed ones at a later date...obviously).

We also buzzed through Times Square (tourist NIGHTMARE), sat in Central Park for a bit (which I will be revisiting again tomorrow for an extended tour) and ate at some fabulous places including a little mid-afternoon-post-ferry-fro-yo from Pinkberry. Again, I can't say thanks enough to Alli D for showing me around the city. It was great to spend some quality time with a friend in the big city :)

I did have an adventure on the subway my first time out. Of course the service going in the direction I needed was down so I had to go uptown then downtown past the stop needed so I hoofed it only about 6 blocks to where I needed to be. Always a journey.

More tomorrow, tonight calls for sleep.


Live from FAT: Part Duex

I may have accidentally typed Live from FART. No joke. And then died with laughter causing the 5 other people in here to look at me like I'm the crazy girl in the pink dress. :)

You read right, live from FAT again. I'm waiting for my little plane to take me to a bigger plane which will take me to NYC where I will get to see the fabulous Lady Kate and amazing Alli D. It's going to be kind of awesome. Although I have just realized I have forgotten one very important item.....Butch. Poor Butch. He never made it into my carry on. I guess he just couldn't leave California behind, even for a couple weeks. Can't say I blame him, but he's a bit crazy. I think he's just too excited about Fresno State Football starting in a couple months that he completely forgot about coming back to London to visit with his long lost brother Stetson.

In preparation for leaving I've had my suitcases out for awhile and of course Heimy was not a happy camper. He kept sniffing them and giving me dirty looks. Then last night it's like he KNEW I was leaving. He went outside and didn't come back in until I was up and moving around this morning, which is like unheard of because that fool wakes me up at least 2 times a night crying in my face to let me know he's inside. I was starting to think he'd finally had enough of me and then he walked inside. He was none-too-pleased when I wouldn't let him back outside and proceeded to curl up on the bed and ignore me even as I was leaving. Jerk. His girlfriend, Miss Dee, is coming to stay with him though, so he better shape UP.

I'm kind of in awe that this trip is here already. It seems like I just served up one of my kidneys to pay for these plane tickets a few weeks ago when it's really been like 6 months (recovery is going well, the scar will just serve as a reminder of my dedication to visit friends and travel). Of course I've had to also pre-sale my first born in order to afford checking my one bag to NY and for other travel expenses, but hey, who can't live without one kidney and any kids? I think I'll sell my spleen to go to Australia.

I limited myself to only bringing 5 books with me, and I hope it's enough. While I don't mind going book shopping ANYWHERE or anytime, I then have to manage to get them home. My brother in law looked at me kind of squirrely when I told him that, and then I had to explain that my plans for LDN are to walk in parks and in the city and read. That is a small slice of heaven if you ask me. Oh who am I kidding, I'm sure I'll come home with at least 2 new books. Tune back in 3 weeks from now to find out.

Look out Big Apple, here comes this pink clad small town girl. Please don't go all Coyote Ugly on me.


Updated: Tigers and tigers and...tigers? Oh my!

Many a person has asked me "What do you want to be when you grow up?" or "And what will you use that degree for?" and such. And when I try to explain sometimes their eyes glaze over or they look at me like I'm nuts or they could care less. But for those who don't understand, I'd like to direct your attention HERE, because if you can look at that and still not understand how I want to work with these amazing creatures and make sure that they don't disappear from this planet even if it means raising them in captivity and not in the wild, then frankly, that discussion is over. On that note, meet who I've been spending some quality time with lately. Ladies and gents, I'd like to introduce you to Ubon, a male 9 year old Malaysian tiger.

How cute is he?! And then there is Kiri, a female 9 year old Malaysian tiger!

A lady has to look her best!

Last weekend the Megster and I went down to Costa Mesa for the weekend and let's just say our first roadtrip together = success. Good food, good company, a gorgeous day spent at the beach and, not to mention, we popped my IKEA cherry. First visit to IKEA equaled spending a pretty penny, but I finally found the gem I've been looking for to go in my living room. It's kind of amazing and I might be a little bit in love. It's the perfect piece to finish off my living room aside from getting a chair to go with my couch and it wasn't that expensive which is DOUBLY awesome. This, would in fact, be the table I referred to earlier that had a ridiculous price for shipping and I think the megster and I learned that it's because you'd have to pay UPS that ridiculous amount since the box was slightly heavy and the worlds most awkward thing to carry. But we rocked it and I put it together in record time and then sat back to admire my handiwork. Those swedish man, they know something about furniture.

First road trip!

Gorgeous beach in Laguna that we sat and read on :)
My birthday has come and gone and I'm another year older. Now I don't know about you but to me the best birthday gift ever has be going to get an xray on your hip. Right? I know, I know. So Monday we find out how badly I jacked myself up. Keep your fingers crossed it's nothing major so I can keep training for September!
I'm so close to heading off to NYC and Dublin and London that I can taste it! Bring on the vacation.
Update: Hip is jacked, and by jacked, I mean I have tendonitis, which means my 1/2 marathon dreams are up in the air. Awesome.


The Phantom of the Drawer

No, I do not have a case of invisible underwear, that would be weird....yet kind of awesome. Imagine how much LESS laundry you'd have! Or maybe incredibly gross, since you wouldn't be able to see it to clean it, and that could produce potential health and smell issues. But I digress..... I have this set of drawers that likes to open on their own in my desk. It's kind of, well, creepy. I'll be piddling along, doing my work and turn to grab something or get up and there one of them is, wide open and gaping at me like some sort of great abyss, demanding I either A. trip over it, B. Get something out of it or C. attempt to close it and be mocked as it opens of its own accord again. Don't believe me, well I took a picture, but then I realized that it's just a picture with a drawer on it that's open, I mean, anyone could have opened it. But I swear on all that is crazy, this baby opened by itself. The picture even says it, see, in the pink. It's like, science, because it's photo documented.

There's a new parking lot near where I work and said parking lot has lots of planters in it with cement curbs, idly waiting for trees to be planted in them (I assume) and today, some lady managed to get her car tire stuck in one. Yes, you read that right, stuck. in. a. planter. How you may ask? I have no fucking idea. She was in a smaller car, low to the ground, so it's not as if the tire would have easily hopped into the waiting dirt. The only thing I can guess is that she was hauling ass and BAM, popped her tire up on in that bitch. Crazy sauce.
And update on the hip: it still hurts like a bitch. Every time I stand or walk and sometimes even when I think about standing or walking. Houston, I fear we may have a problem here. Dag.
I need to find me some pain killers and booze.


25 is the new 80

I am an old woman.

My hip hurts beyond belief. Incredible INCREDIBLE intense sharp stabbing shooting pain that make me want to take mass quantities of pain killers and then chase them with some booze to pass out. This hip o mine, that decided it wants to go all decrepit and rickety, ruined my workout today. Thanks a lot hip, thanks for being an asshole.

Also ruining my workout today? My gift from mother nature. Thanks a lot for stomach wrenching pain that makes me want to do the above with the pain killers and booze and passing out, but making sure that passing out is in the fetal position.

Instead of the pain killers and booze though, I opted for fresh peach icecream from Superior Dairy. De-li-cious. It soothed my soul a bit and makes it officially summer. I should feel more guilty about eating icecream when I only got to do 1 mile of my run, but honestly? I earned it today so guilt be damned. Bring on the peach!

What also makes things better, is finishing a book and going and buying a new one to start that day. :) Love, love and love.

If you need me, I'll be in an icecream coma, curled up in the fetal position, reading my new book.


Live and learn - and then carry about 10 spare tires in the trunk.

The sweetest thing ever has to be googling your first name and finding out there is a town named after you! (Yes, after me, shhh.....ok maybe not but it's still kind of awesome!) Texas, you officially RULE.

I've been back for a little over a week from my adventure into the PNW and life has settled into a pace of work, go to the gym, work, should go to the gym but don't, work, really should go to the gym buuuutt.... work, gym, sleep. :) The PNW was a blast. I got to go to Spokane for well, less than 24 hours, but it was pretty awesome to catch up with the lovely Addie and Lori. And to road trip with Nicole. However, it has been determined that I? am tire kryptonite for my friends. Do you remember last time I was in the PNW and Katie's poor car fell victim to my hidden powers (skip past all the gratuitous photos to the meat of the story)? On our way back from Spokane on the day of the wedding we *dun dun DUNNNNN* got a nail in one of the tires. So, her mom was gracious enough to drive her spare set to us, but unfortunately, despite our best efforts and leaving 7 hours before the wedding started, we missed the ceremony. We were able to make it for the reception at least, and I got to see little Bwenticus all married off, which was kind of crazy.

While at the fabulous Katie's, I got this random text message at 1:40 in the morning. Luckily, I was awake, otherwise I probably would have lost my shit with crankiness. Well, somehow I managed to get myself a text message stalker. The kid has been texting me non-stop since I've been back with very little encouragement from me. However, he crossed the line of desperation and neediness when he kept pestering me to text him back, and why hadn't I texted him back and blah blah BLAH! Sooo, I might have told him that I was busy, I didn't know him or owe him anything and he needed to chill. Annnd then he texted me AGAIN that night to see if I was busy...and I ignored it per usual. And I haven't heard from him since. Ahhh, blissful silence. :) I know that may have been a little harsh but seriously? We were way past the city limits sign to creeperville so I feel it was justified.

Now we're just a mere 3ish weeks away from my departure to my big summer adventure and I am getting so EXCITED. Prepare yourself for even more gratuitous photos of myself, Caitlin, Melissa, Emily, and all the other fabulous people I shall meet along the way. (Dear photo gods, please send me a hot irishman in Dublin, thanks, love me.)

In other news, I've got a minor bone to pick with IKEA. Thanks to the help of Megan, I think I've found the perfect sofa table for my place and it's a reasonable price at $149, which is pretty good compared to others I've seen. But of course it's not available in any of the California stores so I say "Let's order this bitch online!". Add it to the cart. Plug in my address. Get to the page for credit info and order reviewing and WOAHOHHOLYSHITTHATCANNOTBETHESHIPPINGCHARGE! Those bastards wanted to charge $299.00 for shipping!?!? That's twice the cost of the table?! What the deuce IKEA, what. the. deuce. Epic fail. So the search continues.


Coming at you live, from FAT.

FAT as in Fresno Airport, not as in my weight. Sheesh.

But seriously, way to be Fresno for having free wi-fi in the airport. Check that box in your favor for me.

Anyways, as I sit waiting for my flight to Washington I figured I might as well do something productive, and by productive I mean write shit that you may or may not care about reading but I'm writing it anyways. :)

Yesterday was going to go down in the history books as one of the all time most stressful days. But, as luck would be, it wasn't so bad. I had 3 finals scheduled back to back and then had to run a few errands in fresno, get back to h-town to do oodles of laundry and attempt to clean up the filth I live in so Dee wouldn't realize I totally live like a slob at times *ahem*, and then pack and try and squeeze the gym in there somewhere. The thing is? It all went off without a hitch! Which was kind of amazing. I totally rocked out my 1st and 3rd final and my 2nd final? was non-existent! Below is a list of things that made my day yesterday, including making this list:

1. My professor deciding we didn't have to take our final if we were happy with our grade (and you can't get much higher than an A so I was happy!)
2. The male barista at starbucks rocking OUT and singing along to Paramore's "Misery Business".
3. Hearing old school relient K randomly on my ipod.
4. The sun shining :)
5. The boy walking by the library with a feather duster sticking out of his backpack.
6. Getting $20 off a new pair of jeans!
7. Changing lanes on the freeway without hitting any reflectors!
8. Running, actually RUNNING...non-stop, just over two miles. (2.62 miles in 35 minutes, what?!)...(a far cry from the 13.1 I have to do in about 16 weeks, but it's a start!)
9. Passing Cell biology, seriously, an amazing feat but it happened.
10. Packing up my suitcase and going to bed knowing I was going to see some of my favorite people in the whole entire world when I woke up.

It was a glorious day, even more so because I woke up expecting it to be a long, tedious day.

And now this sight is making me even happier:

The most awesome luggage tag EVER. Courtesy of my sister :) And doesn't it match my total girly cute luggage perfectly? I think so. My luggage makes me happy, it makes my cat unhappy. I swear he plots my demise every time he sees those polka dots.

But I'm a travelin' woman, it's what I do, so I'll see you all when I get back from the PNW, rested and ready to go....hopefully.



If I start see a floating neon cat head, I really will lose my shit.

Either the well was very deep, or she fell very slowly, for she had plentyof time as she went down to look about her and to wonder what was going to happen next. - Through the Looking Glass

Man, did Lewis Carroll ever nail it with that one. I've disappeared from here, yet again, but life has a funny way of turning into a crazy, twisting roller coaster that leaves you clinging to your little harness with dear life and hoping that flimsy snap near your crotch doesn't give way and send you spiraling into the abyss.

I'd like to say many happy thoughts and share funny stories but right now I have none. I've been having a rough time lately and I try hiding it from most people but that can make it worse. Yesterday in the evening I found myself in my car and driving to a place I haven't been in a long time. As I pulled up and parked it on a bench, I stared at my dad's gravestone and let loose for a little bit. I don't know why I felt like going there, but sitting in the cemetary all by myself for a half hour gave me a little bit of peace...at least until I got in my car to head back to my house.

So that's where I'm at right now.

I'm just hanging on for dear life.

So bear with me, and we'll make it through.


I'm becoming a chronophobic

What the deuce is going on?

I feel like the world is kind of spinning out of control and no one told me. Did we shift speeds or something earth? Thanks for sending me the memo.

The days are going by so fast and there's so much going on that I feel like I'm strapped on a treadmill with my legs moving so fast under me that I'm about to be THAT guy that flies off and smacks their face on the way down. We're gaining speed downhill to the end of another semester, which means registering for what will be my last semester at CSUF (no matter who I have to bribe, kill and/or shank) and that includes figuring out a work schedule, which is always difficult. It also means that I've got finals breathing down my neck while I'm still waiting to hear about a bunch of stuff for school that went to or was supposed to go to committee.

With that comes going to the coast this weekend, going out of town again two weeks from that, going to WA two weeks from that trip, then less than a month later going to NY/London for 2.5 weeks, then less than a month after that going to the coast again for a bachelorette thing, then less than a month after THAT going to Disney Land and running the half marathon, all while I need to do my research for my project. I'm not complaining, believe me, it's exciting to have so many places to go and see and things to do, but at the same time I'm starting to panic and freak out and get a little overwhelmed. That's a lot of weekends and time and also a lot of cash that I may or may not have. Plane tickets have been paid for, but that's only the first step.

After all that comes the prep for graduating (FINALLY) and applying for grad school, which means I want to take on an internship next fall and spring to get some experience and beef up my applications. Shouldn't be too hard to fit it in since I only have two classes and writing my research up right? And work. right? anybody......right?....

I also called my landlord this weekend to ask him about changing the date I pay my rent. It's due on the 26th, because that's the day I moved in, which I've always found odd and it's kind of difficult considering I get paid once a month on the last working day, so I called to see if we could move it just 4 little days to the 1st and you'd have thought I'd asked him to let me live rent free for life. He agreed, with much reluctance, but I honestly was flabbergasted by how difficult and awkward of a conversation it was. Just prorate those 4 days sir, and add it on to the monthly rent and badda bing! We're all square.

Lastly, I freaked myself out looking at my student load debt. Word to the wise: don't ever change your majors or schools or have to go to school for forever and don't look at the totals until you have to because you'll have many panic attacks. Then I started looking up requirements for Grad school and had another set of panic attacks.

Needless to say, if you're looking for me anytime in the next 6 months, I'll be the girl curled up in the fetal position with the white knuckled grip on a bottle of Xanex in one hand and rum in the other.


Somedays gravity and coordination make you their bitch

But at least this little guy looks cute doing it!

Sharing the love via post-it notes :)

This is why I love my friends. Love notes when you get to work are
instant day brighteners.


Feeling a little fruity


My life has been forever changed.

By Netflix instant watch on my Wii.

It's like heaven, at the touch of a game console remote.

Netflix, will you marry me?

Now if I could only stream the channels I actually watch from cable on my Wii and cancel cable, life, as they say, would be grand. :)


Spring has sprung a leak

TADA! And I reappear like a bad case of the clap...or herpes.

My internet has been shit-tastic this past month, and basically didn't work at all. After many a star filled night sitting by my modem resetting it, beating it, pleading with it to work for just a mere 5 minutes, I made the switch to comcast cable internet and so far am pleased. And by that I mean, he hooked it up at noon today and it's worked like a charm since. Farwell AT&T I will miss you and the ease of paying only 1 bill for internet and my cell phone, but I'd rather pay someone who is actually going to provide me access to all the important things in life. Like facebook, and youtube, and blogs to read, and dangerous online shopping. Lack of internet would be the main reason I haven't been around here lately, telling amazing tales about my lack of intelligence at times, but also I've been busy. I have a life you know. That DVR isn't going to watch itself.

But seriously, I can tell it's spring. Not just by my allergies or the fact that I was sick with some weird cold for 3 weeks, or by the crazy weather that's 80 degrees one day and rains the next. Nope, I can tell it's spring by the fact that life is picking up pace again. It's stretching and shaking itself off after a long winter's nap and as the flowers open their petals to the sunshine, things to do start rolling in from all directions. Mostly it means that school is steadily picking up speed as it heads downhill towards finals so that's basically taking over. Only a couple more weeks and I'll be free for summer. But I'll be doing research over the summer, so not totally free, but it'll be more like pleasure than work since I'm doing a behavior study on tigers, which lets face it, watching tigers for a couple hours a week is pretty awesome. :)

Other than trying to stay on top of normal life things I've been busy getting lots of trips in order. There's a trip to the coast coming up which I'm STOKED about. I haven't been to the beach in while and ready for some sand and sun. I'm PNW bound again at the end of May for Brent's wedding and just as exciting is I'm going back to Spokane for a couple of days and I haven't been back there since 2005, so that'll be pretty awesome. And lastly, I'm New York City and London bound at the end of June. Mel and I are planning on going to Dublin too, so this is pretty much going to be a busy couple months!!

Nothing to crazy has happened these days. But I'll wrap this up with a ridiculous photo of me with new bangs.


It's true, you can have it all. No wait, they lied.

Oh life, how funny you can be. One weekend I'll have nothing to do but enjoy being lazy around the house, catching up on my DVR and Netflix. And the next..... everyone and their mother will want to make plans for those exact days.

I always want to do it ALL! I want to play and hang out and do everything that people invite me to do, but this weekend, that was just not going to happen. I thoroughly enjoyed the things I did, I merely wish instead of getting 3 invites for Saturday night and 2 for Sunday, that I could have spread them across 3 weekends. My weekend started great though, with this little surprise on my desk when I got to work on Friday!

Who doesn't like to get surprise love notes while they're gone! Thanks Meg :) We had a bit of a weird day on Friday as well, concerning a mystery shipment. A delivery guy arrives with some paperwork for something he wants to deliver, so I check it out. It's for our office, no specific name but there is a PO number. AHA! I tell the gentleman to bring it on in and run over to our Accounts Payable department to look up the PO. We find a name and I feel smug and satisfied that another delivery crises has been diverted.

And then he brings in the delivery.

As you can see by this photo, this does NOT look like something someone in my office would order.

YIKES! So I rip open the packing slip attached to the thing and I'm reading over the contents of the package and oh holy shit there is tear gas and flash grenades in these suckers!! One thing about being next to the Sheriff's department, and having a similar address, you sometimes get the wrong package. We debated on having our own war game, but opted to call them to pick up their supplies instead.

Needless to say, the weekend passed by far too quickly as it often does when it's full of excitement, but despite all the coming and going, I have little to tell. Except that last night at dinner at PF Changs (yum and YUM and can I say that I have some of the best friends ever who totally embraced getting a bunch of vegetarian dishes, complete with being excited about it! Love you ladies!) and our waiter starts asking questions about who's the vegetarian and asking me why (which is just kind of an awkward question for me to begin with, I don't know why) so I attempt to explain and in doing so reveal my major in school, to which he says he's an animal science major as well and that's probably where he recognized me from and then I was all "Oh wow, hold the phone bucko, you didn't say anything about recognizing me and now this conversation just got a whole lot more awkward considering I can't say I've ever seen you before in my life", which of course was in my head, out loud I just stammered an "Oh really....Uh...." and then when we left he gave a hearty "See you on campus!" and I just kind of nodded and ran.

Totally. Awkward.

Not that it's his fault, I'm generally the awkward kid in the bunch, but then I suppose some one's got to do it!

I am ridiculously cute and love playing with my feathers. Why am I halfway under the bed? Who knows, I'm just that kind of crazy cool.


Photo montage time. Yeah, it's needed.

The need for a picture montage of recent events struck me hard late today, and here is the result.

I've clearly been spending FAR too much time doing school work, because these are the looks I get.

Abnormally large silverware is the new black.

Studying in Starbucks is helpful to get away from pitiful kitty stares, but provides other opportunites for entertainment. Such as a wad of lanyards hanging out of one boy's pocket. Hmm... I still haven't figured this one out.

Phallic icecream sculptures is where it's at these days.

I'm a fan of surprise gifts, just not the ones of the "get out of your car in the CSUF parking lot and find a used condom on the ground" variety.
Of course, it just means people are following the propaganda posted on the back of the bathroom stall doors.

Ahhh, the wonders of the world are just under our noses.


Whooooooooo are yoooooooouu?

Another Manic Monday is upon me and I'm feeling slightly maniacal. I might have spent the better part of about 25 minutes of my last class today reading My Life Is Average on my phone. I know, it's a fantastic way to put my higher education experience to good use. But, I did find this gem:

"Today, I was in my car about to leave a parking lot. I got scared because my car started rolling forward unexpectedly, but then I realized it was just the car next to me backing up. MLIA"

That happens to me ALL the time! I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

I was antsy and pacing all afternoon at work waiting for the FedEx guy to arrive so that I could mug him and grab my photoshop software that was being delivered. He finally got here, I tore open the box and reveled at the beauty of the new software...until I read the fine print on the side....for systems requirements... requiring Microsoft Windows XP or higher and wait, what? Microsoft. Son of a bitch. I totally ordered the wrong platform. So I'll be spending the next year and a half of my life on hold waiting for a customer service person so I can arrange an exchange and wait for me to mail this sucker back and them to send a new one. Utter. Disappointment. and I am dumb. What the deuce.

Yesterday was sissy-pant's first softball tourney of the season and while they may not have done awesome, they still did good and we had a great day. Beautiful weather, sun, sunblock, snacks. Good times. Then I went and saw Alice in Wonderland and I must say Tim Burton, you do not disappoint. I wasn't really sure what to expect going in and was totally satisfied with my movie experience. Especially since AinW is my favorite Disney movie, my standards were exceptionally high that they not ruin it for me, and alas, they did not. Bravo.

After I got home from the movie I took a shower and went to blowdry my hair and ...nothing. Push the little buttons. Nothing. Try the top plug. Nothing. Push the buttons some more. Nothing. Try a different outlet in a different bathroom. Nothing. Throw the damn thing on the ground and try it again. Nothing. Needless to say, I was at Target on Saturday and then on Sunday my stupid blowdryer kicked the circuit breaker. So scary hair was my friend and I'll be hitting Target at some point in the very VERY near future considering my hair is not long enough to comfortably wear in ponytails for any extended amount of days. Blowdryer: 1 Anna: 0

In other news, I was on the phone with Megan this afternoon who gets excited and says she's off work in 3 minutes! While I still had an hour to go. She texts me with "FREEDOM!" shortly after 4. My response?

"Bitch. I'm going to sharpen my pen into a shive and come find you when I get on the outside."

Needless to say, I earned a snort which makes anyday, a good day.


The day between manic monday and humpday.

Let's just say it's official: I'm retarded.

I've done so many boneheaded things lately it's ridiculous. Yesterday in the library Starbucks I dropped my book and went "Oops!" and when I bent down to get it I whacked my head on the window and yelped an "Owie!". I clearly felt like being a noisy customer.

I desperately need to go grocery shopping but I'm just so damn lazy lately since payday that I haven't gone. So last night was "anything but the kitchen sink night" for dinner. Which equaled me banging around in my cupboards until I found something to eat. The end result? I had some corn and some crackers and garlic/sourcream dip. Dinner of champs y'all! :) Tonight I have to stop by the store and at least grab something though because that was all I had, that's it, no more. So if not, it's going to be just crackers or a tuna sandwhich for dinner.

Speaking of lazy, I've been such a slacker about going to the gym and running that my belly fat is getting arrogant. It smirks and waves at me even when I'm not in motion just because it knows I'm too tired to do anything about it. Unlike my sister, who is showing me up hardcore at the gym. If only I had her dedication, then I could turn that belly frown upside down.... or something like that. It's going to be hard to force myself to go to spinning tonight, but I'll do it dammit.

I'm researching a new camera, a fancy jazz one, so if I get it prepare to see lots of photos of random shit that is either intersting or weird. On that note, ciao!


"T" is for "Tittynope"

I know we all learn our ABC's when we're in kindergarten or pre-school, but apparently? I still need help with mine.

In other news......wait, I have no other news. My life is dull. This week I was consumed with watching season 2 of VMars (oh how I LoVe thee!), studying for a couple exams (ok really? only a couple days of that.....cause I'm a huge slacker, ahem.), and having a Partylite Party at my house. The party? Was great. Lots of folks showed up, we laughed, we ate, we smelt some shit and drank mimosas. The tests? Well, they're done at least. VMars? Never disappoints.

Today I got asked to go house hunting with a friend of mine. Totally honored that she thinks I've got a good eye for things like that. Then she follows up by telling me I'm like an old, worn-out horse. Que? Thanks Megan, I'm sure there's a compliment in there somewhere ;)

I've got a question? Why is it that an ipod, when placed on shuffle, simply repeats the same 30 or so songs over and over. Shouldn't it shuffle though all 900 or so songs or however many are on there before repeating? I do not understand this shuffle mechanism. As much as I love "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus (shut. up.) I don't want to hear it 4 times on my way back from F town. Ipod? you're so on notice. Also on notice: Panera. After picking up a delicious veggie sandwich and apple, I hurried home to consume my food. Inhaled the sandwich and reached in for my golden, delicious Fuji apple and almost cried when what did my wondering eyes see? A fucking red. delicious. I was so crest fallen and traumatized that I asked the girl today what kind of apples they had because last time it was a red delicious and those, my friends, are grody. Lucky for me, it was business as usual in the apple department so way to be Panera, way. to. be.

It's Friday ya'll, and payday, which means it's time for a hot-damn, exciting night out on the town. Meaning, I'll be hanging out with Megan, in my pj's, watching movies and playing mario kart on the wii. I love my life.


I think someone spiked my frappuccino with Ambien.

I can't believe this month is almost over already. I mean, I know it's a shorter month and all but hot damn, next week it's March. Ca-razy. Last week flew by because it was consumed with frantic studying for first exams, as will this week.

I'm super excited because my friend Lindsey decided to start blogging this week. She's an awesome writer (you are Lyns, don't argue with me!) and has an amazing voice in her writing. Also? I'm ready for lots and lots of pictures of baby Julia :) Her beautiful daughter and my psuedo niece. I can't wait to start reading all about their day to day lives.

My tickets have been purchased for New York and London this summer. Needless to say, I'm peeing my pants I'm so excited! I'm ready for a visit back to L-town and I've never been to NYC, so it should be equally amazing. Depsite this expense I'm contemplating 2 expensive purchases. I'm ready for a new Mac. I've had my lappy for about 5 years now and it's time to upgrade. And the other one is a new camera. I love my point and shoot and am not getting rid of that beauty, but I want a more professional-esque one where I can have more control over the images I'm taking. Little did I know what a complicated world photography land would be! There are so many types of cameras and then there's the software debate: Photoshop or Aperture and if photoshop which one? My brain hurts. And so will my wallet when all is said and done.

I've also been researching for a credit card that earns frequent flyer miles and holy freaking crap on a stick is that a complicated search as well. There are SO many and I'm having a hard time finding one that's right for me. I need to get on it though because I've already booked 3 flights this year with a minimum of one more to go and those are all things I could be earning miles on for the future. I'm ready for that 2.5 week vacation this summer too, SO ready it's ridiculous. I love being able to travel. Because these feet, these ones right here:

Were made to go places.


Another reason for me not to be a mother: Buying odd contraptions.

This disturbs me greatly. I don't know why, perhaps it's the lovely picture on top, the cutsey slogan, or the fact that they come in varying designs.

I guess it's better than getting peed on, but it still gives me the heebies.


One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

There are days when all I want to do is create. Pictures, paintings, stories, you name it and I want to create it. I've been having a lot of those days lately.

It starts with simple things, like wearing my favorite shoes and waiting on a porch.

Then moves to other ideas like new flowers to spiffy up a room.

To taking pictures of new blooms and barren trees waiting for spring to fill their branches.

It's the simple things that can bring great joy, and sometimes it just takes a little reminding. Like that feeling when you pull a pair of jeans out of the dryer and pull them up without a hitch, no lunges or squats to loosen them up.


Don't worry, I won't hold it in.

I absolutely, positively and undeniably cannot STAND people who constantly make themselves the victims. Get. Over. It. Seriously. Grow a fucking pair, suck it up, and deal with it. Don't snivel to anyone who will listen or make up stories to make yourself look more pathetic and vulnerable. Act like an adult, face the situation, talk it over and move the fuck on. It's not that hard. I've been doing it for years. Here's a life lesson for you that I learned long ago: Nothing is given to you. Life takes hard work, perseverance, a little pain, a lot of sweat and the guts to know that you can handle what is being thrown at you no matter how hard it may seem. The upside is that when you do make it through you're a better person. You understand yourself and the human condition more than you did on the other side of the shithole you just crossed and you should, I say should, be able to take that lesson and use it the next time a situation like that presents itself. Sadly? We live in a world where people coddle their children and don't allow them to make decisions for themselves or deal with the consequences of their actions. I thought they cut the cord right after those little bundles of joy were shot out of the cannon? Apparently not. Maybe it's just me, maybe I've been "jaded" to the point where I can't stand people who don't know how to deal with anything because I do, I don't know. But what I do know is that I'm tired of people like that making my life a living hell because they don't know how to deal. They all deserve a good throat jab, poke to the forehead and a "Listen here, you're an adult so this is how you should behave.." speech.

In other news, I made some freaking yummy tofu veggie stir fry last night. Of course, I get all the ingredients out, pull out the wok and ...... whatthefuck. Where's the cord? No where to be found, but I remember seeing it when I was moving in last July so I knew it was there somewhere. So of course I proceeded to search for the damn thing for 45 minutes and VIOLA! I found it! (Where I had looked twice already but it was hiding under a lid but anyways....) See what a little perseverance can do! It can feed you. Behold, the newest veggie culinary excursion. (Next time I'll use an actual camera, so the pictures are better :)

Behold the ingredients! (Not pictured: garlic and onion. They're a little shy.)

Put some oil in the wok, throw in the garlic and onion for a little bit, then add the tofu, some terriyaki sauce and some Thai peanut sauce... mmm....

Cook the veggies in the same sauces, once they're about done, toss in the tofu/onion/garlic mixture and let simmer to complete yumminess! Tossing in the sprouts when it's almost done because they don't take too long.

Served over brown rice and enjoyed :)

It turned out pretty awesome. I've never cooked with tofu or made stir fry from scratch (I usually just buy the bag in the frozen section with the veggies and sauce all in one, shhhhhh) but I was quite please with myself! The only thing I'll do differently next time is cut the tofu in smaller chunks, so it absorbs more of the flavor of the sauces...and maybe let it marinate for a little while so it'll be uber delicious! And...more veggies! You can never have too many veggies, though this made so much I'll be eating it for awhile. So that's two completely vegetarian meals I've cooked for myself, which is pretty awesome. Prepare yourselves to see more of my culinary masterpieces as they evolve!
I finally signed up to take the damn GRE last night. 160 bones later and I'm scheduled for 4 hours of painstaking test taking in March. I kind of want to barf from the anxiety all ready. I might be a slightly smart cookie, but me no likey tests. Especially tests that determine my eligibility and competitiveness for grad school. VOMIT. I have a feeling I might be needing a xanex on the morning of the test. Especially since in F-town, and starts at 8, and you have to be there early... which means I'll be getting up at the butt crack o' dawn. Joy.
Yes, yes adulthood blows sometimes, but guess what........
I get over it. :)


Domesticity is the name but it should be called "work your ass off for the 2 days you aren't being paid to work your ass off else where."

I have never felt more domestic in all my life. Seriously. I think I covered ALL my bases this weekend. The check list included:
Laundry including bedding and towels - check
Cleaning up leaves and pulling weeds in the back yard - check
Cleaning the apartment top to bottom - check
Getting needed household items from Target - check
Grocery shopping - check
Home cooked meal with leftovers for the week - check
Taxes done - check
Homework done - half a check :)

Oi! Too much for me really. All I need to add is baking cupcakes and I'd be on overload (which is why I plan on making them tomorrow night, I mean, I've got a reputation to uphold after all.)

On Friday night I went to Brewbakers with Meg and Dee and Bryan and Matty. Super fun. Ate some uber spicey pizza that is pretty much one of the hottest things I've ever eaten. The name should have given it away, Diablo. Note to self- pay attention to play on words from now on.

While cleaning up my sorely neglected back yard I made a gruesome discovery. I was sitting on my behind pulling weeds and reached towards the back of the flowerbed and what did my wondering eyes see.....but a freaking HUGE ass rat carcass. Yeah. Sick. So I used my new shovel and scooped it into the garbage bag. Then I promptly walked in the house and gave Heimy a generous helping of treats. Goooood kitty. :) Not that I advocate the killing of any animals, but I really don't like the idea of a 1.5 foot rat from head to tail scampering about and getting in my apartment. Sorry Mr. Rat, sometimes it pays to be at the top of the food chain.

Saturday night I went out again (I know, 2 nights in a row, unheard of for this old lady) to watch Bryan play with a band called Lit Up. They were pretty freaking awesome and had a great turn out. Now if only going out in this town didn't involve seeing people I'd rather not run in to, it'd be even better. Stupid small towns.

Lastly, I've been thinking long and hard lately about the idea of consuming meat. Weird you might think, but not really. I'm exposed every day at school to the world of Food Animals and meat consumption and don't get me wrong, I've been an avid carnivore since my teeth sprouted and I could wield a fork. But lately it's just been getting to me. I see these sentient beings everyday and while I know they're here for many reasons, including to promote the continuation of life through their death, I'm finding it harder and harder to be ok with eating them. Do I think I can completely go vegetarian? I don't know. But I'm going to give it a shot. Will I never eat meat again? I don't know, the thought of never having a steak or hamburger again or turkey during the holidays makes my stomach punch me from the inside to tell me no fucking way is it not going to enjoy that again. But I'm going to actively try to consume little to no meat. So, in lieu of that at the grocery store today I bought a meat substitute or vegetarian meat, and used it to make stuffed bell peppers and DAMN they were tastier than when I used ground turkey. See for yourselves.

MMmmmm Mmmmm good.


Cheers and beers, those were the days....

Today is a memorable day. Why you ask yourself? Because exactly 1 year ago today I was on my way to London. Actually, right about now I was in London passed out in bed from freaking exhaustion, but, nevertheless, it's amazing how quickly time flies. I can't believe I left a year ago today to spend four months going on amazing adventures and living in what I consider the best city ever.

So here's to you London Town, I'd raise a glass of cider in you honor if I could find a decent place around here that had it on tap. And also? if I could make it there because my ass and thighs are so sore from the gym right now that I've been contemplating getting a glass of water for about 2o minutes but still haven't mustered the energy and gumption it would take to get up and get it. Wait, where was I? Oh yes, here's to you, ol LDN, you brought many adventures, great times, new friends and I can't wait to see you again this summer!


Sunday funday? or just the day before Manic Monday?

Ah, Sundays. How I love, I mean hate... I mean love....or.. wait. I can't decide how I feel about you Sunday! My goals for today included: going to the gym, cleaning my apartment, reading for Animal Physiology and hanging out with Dee and Meg. I accomplished one of those things, can you guess which one? Yup, yup. It was totally reading for animal phys. JUST KIDDING! har, har, no brainer, I hung out with Dee and Meg. Which was super-duper fun, and chill, and great and included lots of laughing and making fun of Dee.... I mean.... love you Dee!!

I do enjoy the laziness that Sundays usually bring. Most Sundays I sleep in late, catch up on my DVR shows, which is check and done for this week, and then dread going to work, and now since the semester started, school just hours out. Boo, boo, BOO!

My favorite part of Sundays however, is this:

Snuggling with my old man is the best part of any day, but particularly on the weekends. We sleep in late, we wander to the kitchen to get breakfast, and then lay in bed watching TV most of the morning. :)

Now, I know when I told you all about my fabulous trip to Tacoma, I mentioned my recent love for the show Weeds. Well, I should also mention my recently found love for Chuck as well. This show is awesome! It was basically cancelled but was saved by another network and is back. on. You, right there, yes you, need to watch it because it's so ridiculously fantastic.

*sigh* I am now going to watch a bit of a movie before admitting defeat that Monday will surely arrive tomorrow and pass out to save my energy to survive another week.