It only costs a pound or two, but it will save your life, and my stomach.

That's it.

I've decided that I need to find me a big pot o' gold at the end of some freaking rainbow because leisure and me? We just work together. I feel better than I have since I was in London last Spring. Completely relaxed, no pressure, no stress, nothing. I've read half a book today among my dilly-dallying around the city and that makes this my 5th book that I've almost finished since I've been on vacation. I'm rested and happy and it is a feeling I'm going to miss when I leave vacation behind. But that's days away so for now, I shall wrap myself in this awesome feeling.

Today I went cave exploring. Well, more I followed an experienced guide through pitch black chalk mine caves holding a little gas lantern and that? was pretty amazing. I went to the Chislehurst Caves today and then wandered back into the city to visit Trafalgar Square, Westminster, eat a late late late lunch in the Victoria garden/park next to Parliament and then found my way back home before commute time made the trains unbearable. I don't know what this evening holds, but I know it will be grand even if it's just dinner and a movie again.

I find myself trying to avoid or breeze through the large site/touristy areas because I just don't have the patience for tourists. Yes, yes I know technically I am a tourist but since I've lived here I feel less like a tourist and more like I've just fallen back into one of my favorite places. I do have a few tips for the would be tourists out there, mostly based off of things that were either irritating or gag inducing:

1. DEODORANT! I cannot stress how important this one step in a daily routine can be. It will make your journey and the journey of anyone within a 500 meter radius much more pleasant. I am already incredibly tired of being forced to control my gag reflex by running into a wall of dirty pit stench. Whether it be in a train car or on a street corner. Come on ya'll, one small step for mankind.

2. Pull over to discuss, take photos or look at a map. Standing in the middle of the bottom of a set of stairs in the tube is unwise, you will lose a limb and I may or may not be the one to take it from you. The middle of the sidewalk is not a gathering place. And please, PLEASE do not give myself or other passersby dirty looks when we bump into you. The sidewalk is not wide enough that your ass and your pride can reside in the middle of the damn thing.

3. If you're wielding luggage or a buggy (stroller) kindly stay to one side or the other. Don't lolly-gag and cause a traffic jam. You will get unkind looks and huffs from most Londoners who are going to and fro.

I have yet to have the energy to try and post any pictures and actually I haven't taken many. I have so many photos from living here it's hard not to think I'm just taking more of the same pictures. My trip seems to have a nature theme going : zoo, wetlands, chalk caves... so most pictures are just of scenery but someday I'll put a few up.

Till then, cheers.


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