It's true, you can have it all. No wait, they lied.

Oh life, how funny you can be. One weekend I'll have nothing to do but enjoy being lazy around the house, catching up on my DVR and Netflix. And the next..... everyone and their mother will want to make plans for those exact days.

I always want to do it ALL! I want to play and hang out and do everything that people invite me to do, but this weekend, that was just not going to happen. I thoroughly enjoyed the things I did, I merely wish instead of getting 3 invites for Saturday night and 2 for Sunday, that I could have spread them across 3 weekends. My weekend started great though, with this little surprise on my desk when I got to work on Friday!

Who doesn't like to get surprise love notes while they're gone! Thanks Meg :) We had a bit of a weird day on Friday as well, concerning a mystery shipment. A delivery guy arrives with some paperwork for something he wants to deliver, so I check it out. It's for our office, no specific name but there is a PO number. AHA! I tell the gentleman to bring it on in and run over to our Accounts Payable department to look up the PO. We find a name and I feel smug and satisfied that another delivery crises has been diverted.

And then he brings in the delivery.

As you can see by this photo, this does NOT look like something someone in my office would order.

YIKES! So I rip open the packing slip attached to the thing and I'm reading over the contents of the package and oh holy shit there is tear gas and flash grenades in these suckers!! One thing about being next to the Sheriff's department, and having a similar address, you sometimes get the wrong package. We debated on having our own war game, but opted to call them to pick up their supplies instead.

Needless to say, the weekend passed by far too quickly as it often does when it's full of excitement, but despite all the coming and going, I have little to tell. Except that last night at dinner at PF Changs (yum and YUM and can I say that I have some of the best friends ever who totally embraced getting a bunch of vegetarian dishes, complete with being excited about it! Love you ladies!) and our waiter starts asking questions about who's the vegetarian and asking me why (which is just kind of an awkward question for me to begin with, I don't know why) so I attempt to explain and in doing so reveal my major in school, to which he says he's an animal science major as well and that's probably where he recognized me from and then I was all "Oh wow, hold the phone bucko, you didn't say anything about recognizing me and now this conversation just got a whole lot more awkward considering I can't say I've ever seen you before in my life", which of course was in my head, out loud I just stammered an "Oh really....Uh...." and then when we left he gave a hearty "See you on campus!" and I just kind of nodded and ran.

Totally. Awkward.

Not that it's his fault, I'm generally the awkward kid in the bunch, but then I suppose some one's got to do it!

I am ridiculously cute and love playing with my feathers. Why am I halfway under the bed? Who knows, I'm just that kind of crazy cool.


Photo montage time. Yeah, it's needed.

The need for a picture montage of recent events struck me hard late today, and here is the result.

I've clearly been spending FAR too much time doing school work, because these are the looks I get.

Abnormally large silverware is the new black.

Studying in Starbucks is helpful to get away from pitiful kitty stares, but provides other opportunites for entertainment. Such as a wad of lanyards hanging out of one boy's pocket. Hmm... I still haven't figured this one out.

Phallic icecream sculptures is where it's at these days.

I'm a fan of surprise gifts, just not the ones of the "get out of your car in the CSUF parking lot and find a used condom on the ground" variety.
Of course, it just means people are following the propaganda posted on the back of the bathroom stall doors.

Ahhh, the wonders of the world are just under our noses.


Whooooooooo are yoooooooouu?

Another Manic Monday is upon me and I'm feeling slightly maniacal. I might have spent the better part of about 25 minutes of my last class today reading My Life Is Average on my phone. I know, it's a fantastic way to put my higher education experience to good use. But, I did find this gem:

"Today, I was in my car about to leave a parking lot. I got scared because my car started rolling forward unexpectedly, but then I realized it was just the car next to me backing up. MLIA"

That happens to me ALL the time! I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

I was antsy and pacing all afternoon at work waiting for the FedEx guy to arrive so that I could mug him and grab my photoshop software that was being delivered. He finally got here, I tore open the box and reveled at the beauty of the new software...until I read the fine print on the side....for systems requirements... requiring Microsoft Windows XP or higher and wait, what? Microsoft. Son of a bitch. I totally ordered the wrong platform. So I'll be spending the next year and a half of my life on hold waiting for a customer service person so I can arrange an exchange and wait for me to mail this sucker back and them to send a new one. Utter. Disappointment. and I am dumb. What the deuce.

Yesterday was sissy-pant's first softball tourney of the season and while they may not have done awesome, they still did good and we had a great day. Beautiful weather, sun, sunblock, snacks. Good times. Then I went and saw Alice in Wonderland and I must say Tim Burton, you do not disappoint. I wasn't really sure what to expect going in and was totally satisfied with my movie experience. Especially since AinW is my favorite Disney movie, my standards were exceptionally high that they not ruin it for me, and alas, they did not. Bravo.

After I got home from the movie I took a shower and went to blowdry my hair and ...nothing. Push the little buttons. Nothing. Try the top plug. Nothing. Push the buttons some more. Nothing. Try a different outlet in a different bathroom. Nothing. Throw the damn thing on the ground and try it again. Nothing. Needless to say, I was at Target on Saturday and then on Sunday my stupid blowdryer kicked the circuit breaker. So scary hair was my friend and I'll be hitting Target at some point in the very VERY near future considering my hair is not long enough to comfortably wear in ponytails for any extended amount of days. Blowdryer: 1 Anna: 0

In other news, I was on the phone with Megan this afternoon who gets excited and says she's off work in 3 minutes! While I still had an hour to go. She texts me with "FREEDOM!" shortly after 4. My response?

"Bitch. I'm going to sharpen my pen into a shive and come find you when I get on the outside."

Needless to say, I earned a snort which makes anyday, a good day.


The day between manic monday and humpday.

Let's just say it's official: I'm retarded.

I've done so many boneheaded things lately it's ridiculous. Yesterday in the library Starbucks I dropped my book and went "Oops!" and when I bent down to get it I whacked my head on the window and yelped an "Owie!". I clearly felt like being a noisy customer.

I desperately need to go grocery shopping but I'm just so damn lazy lately since payday that I haven't gone. So last night was "anything but the kitchen sink night" for dinner. Which equaled me banging around in my cupboards until I found something to eat. The end result? I had some corn and some crackers and garlic/sourcream dip. Dinner of champs y'all! :) Tonight I have to stop by the store and at least grab something though because that was all I had, that's it, no more. So if not, it's going to be just crackers or a tuna sandwhich for dinner.

Speaking of lazy, I've been such a slacker about going to the gym and running that my belly fat is getting arrogant. It smirks and waves at me even when I'm not in motion just because it knows I'm too tired to do anything about it. Unlike my sister, who is showing me up hardcore at the gym. If only I had her dedication, then I could turn that belly frown upside down.... or something like that. It's going to be hard to force myself to go to spinning tonight, but I'll do it dammit.

I'm researching a new camera, a fancy jazz one, so if I get it prepare to see lots of photos of random shit that is either intersting or weird. On that note, ciao!