I'm becoming a chronophobic

What the deuce is going on?

I feel like the world is kind of spinning out of control and no one told me. Did we shift speeds or something earth? Thanks for sending me the memo.

The days are going by so fast and there's so much going on that I feel like I'm strapped on a treadmill with my legs moving so fast under me that I'm about to be THAT guy that flies off and smacks their face on the way down. We're gaining speed downhill to the end of another semester, which means registering for what will be my last semester at CSUF (no matter who I have to bribe, kill and/or shank) and that includes figuring out a work schedule, which is always difficult. It also means that I've got finals breathing down my neck while I'm still waiting to hear about a bunch of stuff for school that went to or was supposed to go to committee.

With that comes going to the coast this weekend, going out of town again two weeks from that, going to WA two weeks from that trip, then less than a month later going to NY/London for 2.5 weeks, then less than a month after that going to the coast again for a bachelorette thing, then less than a month after THAT going to Disney Land and running the half marathon, all while I need to do my research for my project. I'm not complaining, believe me, it's exciting to have so many places to go and see and things to do, but at the same time I'm starting to panic and freak out and get a little overwhelmed. That's a lot of weekends and time and also a lot of cash that I may or may not have. Plane tickets have been paid for, but that's only the first step.

After all that comes the prep for graduating (FINALLY) and applying for grad school, which means I want to take on an internship next fall and spring to get some experience and beef up my applications. Shouldn't be too hard to fit it in since I only have two classes and writing my research up right? And work. right? anybody......right?....

I also called my landlord this weekend to ask him about changing the date I pay my rent. It's due on the 26th, because that's the day I moved in, which I've always found odd and it's kind of difficult considering I get paid once a month on the last working day, so I called to see if we could move it just 4 little days to the 1st and you'd have thought I'd asked him to let me live rent free for life. He agreed, with much reluctance, but I honestly was flabbergasted by how difficult and awkward of a conversation it was. Just prorate those 4 days sir, and add it on to the monthly rent and badda bing! We're all square.

Lastly, I freaked myself out looking at my student load debt. Word to the wise: don't ever change your majors or schools or have to go to school for forever and don't look at the totals until you have to because you'll have many panic attacks. Then I started looking up requirements for Grad school and had another set of panic attacks.

Needless to say, if you're looking for me anytime in the next 6 months, I'll be the girl curled up in the fetal position with the white knuckled grip on a bottle of Xanex in one hand and rum in the other.


Somedays gravity and coordination make you their bitch

But at least this little guy looks cute doing it!

Sharing the love via post-it notes :)

This is why I love my friends. Love notes when you get to work are
instant day brighteners.


Feeling a little fruity


My life has been forever changed.

By Netflix instant watch on my Wii.

It's like heaven, at the touch of a game console remote.

Netflix, will you marry me?

Now if I could only stream the channels I actually watch from cable on my Wii and cancel cable, life, as they say, would be grand. :)


Spring has sprung a leak

TADA! And I reappear like a bad case of the clap...or herpes.

My internet has been shit-tastic this past month, and basically didn't work at all. After many a star filled night sitting by my modem resetting it, beating it, pleading with it to work for just a mere 5 minutes, I made the switch to comcast cable internet and so far am pleased. And by that I mean, he hooked it up at noon today and it's worked like a charm since. Farwell AT&T I will miss you and the ease of paying only 1 bill for internet and my cell phone, but I'd rather pay someone who is actually going to provide me access to all the important things in life. Like facebook, and youtube, and blogs to read, and dangerous online shopping. Lack of internet would be the main reason I haven't been around here lately, telling amazing tales about my lack of intelligence at times, but also I've been busy. I have a life you know. That DVR isn't going to watch itself.

But seriously, I can tell it's spring. Not just by my allergies or the fact that I was sick with some weird cold for 3 weeks, or by the crazy weather that's 80 degrees one day and rains the next. Nope, I can tell it's spring by the fact that life is picking up pace again. It's stretching and shaking itself off after a long winter's nap and as the flowers open their petals to the sunshine, things to do start rolling in from all directions. Mostly it means that school is steadily picking up speed as it heads downhill towards finals so that's basically taking over. Only a couple more weeks and I'll be free for summer. But I'll be doing research over the summer, so not totally free, but it'll be more like pleasure than work since I'm doing a behavior study on tigers, which lets face it, watching tigers for a couple hours a week is pretty awesome. :)

Other than trying to stay on top of normal life things I've been busy getting lots of trips in order. There's a trip to the coast coming up which I'm STOKED about. I haven't been to the beach in while and ready for some sand and sun. I'm PNW bound again at the end of May for Brent's wedding and just as exciting is I'm going back to Spokane for a couple of days and I haven't been back there since 2005, so that'll be pretty awesome. And lastly, I'm New York City and London bound at the end of June. Mel and I are planning on going to Dublin too, so this is pretty much going to be a busy couple months!!

Nothing to crazy has happened these days. But I'll wrap this up with a ridiculous photo of me with new bangs.