Back from Tesco

Me at Buckingham Palace

Some of my awesome program ladies!

Me, Alexis and Sandra on the river Thames cruise.

Laura, Amanda, Aubrey and Jen on the river cruise.

Cool building from atop the boat.

The Tower Building.

Buildings along Thames.

More buildings (such pretty buildings!)

Parliament and Ben Big from the Thames.

My first visit to a pub

My first pint!


First London fish and chips (and as I said, I ate it even though I don't really like fish).

First week, check.

First week is officially over. No orientation today, which was nice, however, Aubrey and I went in search of finding the locations of our classrooms, and holy mother of hell was that ridiculous. All of my class and all of hers (sans 1) are in the same building. But it's the building built by the white rabbit in Alice and Wonderland because it's impossible to find things (and it of course helps to check doors that are open to see if they in fact are the room number you're looking for!) A recap of what's happened so far this week.

More walking than humanly possible. I'm going to have buns of steel by the time I come home.

Bus/Boat tour with program peeps that toured the city, which was nice.

Checking out Big Ben and Parliament, so gorgeous at night!

Meeting a random german kid outside the tube in Westminster and ending up with a new pal.

Did I mention walking yet?

Going to my first London pub for a pint and fish and chips (yes I drank beer and actually ate fish, you can pick your jaw up now.)

I'm sure there's more, but honestly, I can't think of anything right now. I've been sans internet for a couple days here, so thinking back all week is tough. I do have tons of photos, which I'll try to post right now unless it takes forever and I get uber pissed and walk away. :)  I've got to pop into the shop for some groceries so I don't starve.

Me in front of Big Ben on my 2nd night here.

Aubrey, our new friend Sebastian and Laura in Westminster.

Parliament all-a-glow

The london eye in the back.

Aubrey and me waiting in between orientation sessions on campus.

Alexis and me!

Jen, Alexis and me after dinner.

Jen and me walking in Angel after dinner.


This one's for you Virgin Atlantic

By far the best flight I've ever had. Hats off to VA, they rock. And they gave you a free tooth brush/tooth paste, socks and little eye shade thing. Sweet.

So I'm here and it's already pretty awesome. I'm exhausted but I stayed up so hopefully jet lag may not kill me quite as much.

FYI to all who took one of my contact cards, there has been a change. The address is wrong b/c they put me in a different building.  The correct address is:

Flat 22/Liberty House
1 Sebastian Street

Spread the word to any interested or affected parties.  It was the only hitch in my travel today, otherwise everything else was awesome.

Off to pass out.


The day has arrived

Here's a little preview of my excitement for the Motherland. I'd say I'll try to replicate it with the real thing, but I don't quite think my arms are long enough.

It's 12:11 am. I just finished marathon packing and am now charging every electronic device I own and am taking with me. This, for some reason, is always my pre-trip ritual. I guess that's what happens when procrastination is allowed to run rampant.

In approximately 17 hours I will board my flight to London... and finally breathe a sigh of relief that I managed to pull everything together.


Moving Officially Sucks

It's true. Packing, boxes, cleaning, shuffling crap from one pile to the next. Ugh. I officially LOATHE moving. Especially since as I'm moving out this Saturday I also have to think about what to box up and what to pack for London, making my life even more difficult. I'm a little saddened by having to tear apart my cute little apartment that I spent so long on to make it like home (and yet it took so much less time to pack it all up, what's the deal with that?)

Now begins the process of lugging boxes of heavy shit to my car, which, if you've ever lived in an apartment complex is no fun thing. Hopefully I can snag a spot semi-close to my apartment. But not matter what, I will be that sweaty, grunting, cursing, red-faced girl that all the neighbors are watching out their living room windows. (And I know this because, yes, I have been guilty of doing the same thing.)

Moving, you suck.