The end is nigh

The time of fabulous pizza, drag queens and ball sweat inducing humidity is coming to an end. Today is my last day in the big apple and then tonight I am London bound. I'm sad to be leaving NYC but also incredibly excited to be back in London!

What have I done while I've been here you ask? Well, you read about my day with Alli D right? That means on Friday I was on my own in the city for most of the day. But, because I'm a total dumb dumb, I wore horrible shoes on Thursday and have now been battling the biggest blisters EVER on the bottom, yes, bottom of my feet. Specifically the pads of my feet which make walking oh so much fun. Riiiiight. But that hasn't stopped me! This is all that I saw on Friday, in list form of course:

Strawberry Fields in Central Park
The John Lennon Memorial Mosaic
More of Central Park
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Rockefeller Center
Radio city Musical Hall
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Chrysler Building
Empire State Building
Union Station
Union Square
World Trade Center

Plus, lady Kate and I went to a NY must, the Shake Shack, for dinner. Where I am apparently a failure. Not only did I have their "shroom burger" for vegetarians (fail 1: best burgers in town not consumed, though that shroom burger was mighty tasty!) but I had just a plain milkshake (fail 2: they have these things called concretes that are crazy concoctions with toppings in them). It was incredibly yummy though.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day. Lady Kate and I wandered around Williamsburg in Brooklyn, had a late brunch, went into the city, walked around a bit then met up with some of her friends at a bar to watch the world cup game....and get completely smashed before 5 o'clock. Kind of awesome. After that was a slightly drunken subway ride back to Brooklyn where we stood in line for about an hour for Grimaldi's pizza, pretty much the BEST pizza I've ever eaten. And Lady Kate and I may have polished off a pie and a half (my new friend Gabby had 1 piece, so I don't think that counts as help :).

What's up for today? Packing up my suitcase that has exploded and potentially checking out the Pride parade going on before taking my 1 hour cab ride to the airport (because I don't want to deal with luggage and 2 hours on the subway/air train, yes I'm lazy).

So Ciao NYC! Thanks for proving to me I am completely out of tourist shape. I've got the sore legs and the battle scarred feet to prove it. Until next time big apple.


First bite of the big Apple

I would consider today a success.

After a day full of travel yesterday and my first yellow cab ride into the city with the fabulous Lady Kate, a late night dinner at a quaint NY restaurant superbly called Kitchenette (I think), today was my first full day in the Big Apple. My impression? NYC is kind of great. Yes, it is similar to many other big cities in the world that I've been to and yet, it has it's own way of standing out. Like offering 1000% humidity and making me a sweaty beast all day, while still being able to enjoy myself. That is a fate I never thought possible.

I spent the day wandering all over the Manhattan and surrounding boroughs, and literally, ALL over, with the lovely Alli D. She is a fantastic hostess and city tour guide, so thanks lady! We were in all kinds of fabulous places that I should probably know the name of but they completely escape me at this moment in time. We took the Staten Island ferry,which hello!, is completely free and gives amazing views of the city and the statue of liberty which you can see below. (these are all cell phone photos, regular camera with some zoom action will be providing much more detailed ones at a later date...obviously).

We also buzzed through Times Square (tourist NIGHTMARE), sat in Central Park for a bit (which I will be revisiting again tomorrow for an extended tour) and ate at some fabulous places including a little mid-afternoon-post-ferry-fro-yo from Pinkberry. Again, I can't say thanks enough to Alli D for showing me around the city. It was great to spend some quality time with a friend in the big city :)

I did have an adventure on the subway my first time out. Of course the service going in the direction I needed was down so I had to go uptown then downtown past the stop needed so I hoofed it only about 6 blocks to where I needed to be. Always a journey.

More tomorrow, tonight calls for sleep.


Live from FAT: Part Duex

I may have accidentally typed Live from FART. No joke. And then died with laughter causing the 5 other people in here to look at me like I'm the crazy girl in the pink dress. :)

You read right, live from FAT again. I'm waiting for my little plane to take me to a bigger plane which will take me to NYC where I will get to see the fabulous Lady Kate and amazing Alli D. It's going to be kind of awesome. Although I have just realized I have forgotten one very important item.....Butch. Poor Butch. He never made it into my carry on. I guess he just couldn't leave California behind, even for a couple weeks. Can't say I blame him, but he's a bit crazy. I think he's just too excited about Fresno State Football starting in a couple months that he completely forgot about coming back to London to visit with his long lost brother Stetson.

In preparation for leaving I've had my suitcases out for awhile and of course Heimy was not a happy camper. He kept sniffing them and giving me dirty looks. Then last night it's like he KNEW I was leaving. He went outside and didn't come back in until I was up and moving around this morning, which is like unheard of because that fool wakes me up at least 2 times a night crying in my face to let me know he's inside. I was starting to think he'd finally had enough of me and then he walked inside. He was none-too-pleased when I wouldn't let him back outside and proceeded to curl up on the bed and ignore me even as I was leaving. Jerk. His girlfriend, Miss Dee, is coming to stay with him though, so he better shape UP.

I'm kind of in awe that this trip is here already. It seems like I just served up one of my kidneys to pay for these plane tickets a few weeks ago when it's really been like 6 months (recovery is going well, the scar will just serve as a reminder of my dedication to visit friends and travel). Of course I've had to also pre-sale my first born in order to afford checking my one bag to NY and for other travel expenses, but hey, who can't live without one kidney and any kids? I think I'll sell my spleen to go to Australia.

I limited myself to only bringing 5 books with me, and I hope it's enough. While I don't mind going book shopping ANYWHERE or anytime, I then have to manage to get them home. My brother in law looked at me kind of squirrely when I told him that, and then I had to explain that my plans for LDN are to walk in parks and in the city and read. That is a small slice of heaven if you ask me. Oh who am I kidding, I'm sure I'll come home with at least 2 new books. Tune back in 3 weeks from now to find out.

Look out Big Apple, here comes this pink clad small town girl. Please don't go all Coyote Ugly on me.


Updated: Tigers and tigers and...tigers? Oh my!

Many a person has asked me "What do you want to be when you grow up?" or "And what will you use that degree for?" and such. And when I try to explain sometimes their eyes glaze over or they look at me like I'm nuts or they could care less. But for those who don't understand, I'd like to direct your attention HERE, because if you can look at that and still not understand how I want to work with these amazing creatures and make sure that they don't disappear from this planet even if it means raising them in captivity and not in the wild, then frankly, that discussion is over. On that note, meet who I've been spending some quality time with lately. Ladies and gents, I'd like to introduce you to Ubon, a male 9 year old Malaysian tiger.

How cute is he?! And then there is Kiri, a female 9 year old Malaysian tiger!

A lady has to look her best!

Last weekend the Megster and I went down to Costa Mesa for the weekend and let's just say our first roadtrip together = success. Good food, good company, a gorgeous day spent at the beach and, not to mention, we popped my IKEA cherry. First visit to IKEA equaled spending a pretty penny, but I finally found the gem I've been looking for to go in my living room. It's kind of amazing and I might be a little bit in love. It's the perfect piece to finish off my living room aside from getting a chair to go with my couch and it wasn't that expensive which is DOUBLY awesome. This, would in fact, be the table I referred to earlier that had a ridiculous price for shipping and I think the megster and I learned that it's because you'd have to pay UPS that ridiculous amount since the box was slightly heavy and the worlds most awkward thing to carry. But we rocked it and I put it together in record time and then sat back to admire my handiwork. Those swedish man, they know something about furniture.

First road trip!

Gorgeous beach in Laguna that we sat and read on :)
My birthday has come and gone and I'm another year older. Now I don't know about you but to me the best birthday gift ever has be going to get an xray on your hip. Right? I know, I know. So Monday we find out how badly I jacked myself up. Keep your fingers crossed it's nothing major so I can keep training for September!
I'm so close to heading off to NYC and Dublin and London that I can taste it! Bring on the vacation.
Update: Hip is jacked, and by jacked, I mean I have tendonitis, which means my 1/2 marathon dreams are up in the air. Awesome.


The Phantom of the Drawer

No, I do not have a case of invisible underwear, that would be weird....yet kind of awesome. Imagine how much LESS laundry you'd have! Or maybe incredibly gross, since you wouldn't be able to see it to clean it, and that could produce potential health and smell issues. But I digress..... I have this set of drawers that likes to open on their own in my desk. It's kind of, well, creepy. I'll be piddling along, doing my work and turn to grab something or get up and there one of them is, wide open and gaping at me like some sort of great abyss, demanding I either A. trip over it, B. Get something out of it or C. attempt to close it and be mocked as it opens of its own accord again. Don't believe me, well I took a picture, but then I realized that it's just a picture with a drawer on it that's open, I mean, anyone could have opened it. But I swear on all that is crazy, this baby opened by itself. The picture even says it, see, in the pink. It's like, science, because it's photo documented.

There's a new parking lot near where I work and said parking lot has lots of planters in it with cement curbs, idly waiting for trees to be planted in them (I assume) and today, some lady managed to get her car tire stuck in one. Yes, you read that right, stuck. in. a. planter. How you may ask? I have no fucking idea. She was in a smaller car, low to the ground, so it's not as if the tire would have easily hopped into the waiting dirt. The only thing I can guess is that she was hauling ass and BAM, popped her tire up on in that bitch. Crazy sauce.
And update on the hip: it still hurts like a bitch. Every time I stand or walk and sometimes even when I think about standing or walking. Houston, I fear we may have a problem here. Dag.
I need to find me some pain killers and booze.


25 is the new 80

I am an old woman.

My hip hurts beyond belief. Incredible INCREDIBLE intense sharp stabbing shooting pain that make me want to take mass quantities of pain killers and then chase them with some booze to pass out. This hip o mine, that decided it wants to go all decrepit and rickety, ruined my workout today. Thanks a lot hip, thanks for being an asshole.

Also ruining my workout today? My gift from mother nature. Thanks a lot for stomach wrenching pain that makes me want to do the above with the pain killers and booze and passing out, but making sure that passing out is in the fetal position.

Instead of the pain killers and booze though, I opted for fresh peach icecream from Superior Dairy. De-li-cious. It soothed my soul a bit and makes it officially summer. I should feel more guilty about eating icecream when I only got to do 1 mile of my run, but honestly? I earned it today so guilt be damned. Bring on the peach!

What also makes things better, is finishing a book and going and buying a new one to start that day. :) Love, love and love.

If you need me, I'll be in an icecream coma, curled up in the fetal position, reading my new book.


Live and learn - and then carry about 10 spare tires in the trunk.

The sweetest thing ever has to be googling your first name and finding out there is a town named after you! (Yes, after me, shhh.....ok maybe not but it's still kind of awesome!) Texas, you officially RULE.

I've been back for a little over a week from my adventure into the PNW and life has settled into a pace of work, go to the gym, work, should go to the gym but don't, work, really should go to the gym buuuutt.... work, gym, sleep. :) The PNW was a blast. I got to go to Spokane for well, less than 24 hours, but it was pretty awesome to catch up with the lovely Addie and Lori. And to road trip with Nicole. However, it has been determined that I? am tire kryptonite for my friends. Do you remember last time I was in the PNW and Katie's poor car fell victim to my hidden powers (skip past all the gratuitous photos to the meat of the story)? On our way back from Spokane on the day of the wedding we *dun dun DUNNNNN* got a nail in one of the tires. So, her mom was gracious enough to drive her spare set to us, but unfortunately, despite our best efforts and leaving 7 hours before the wedding started, we missed the ceremony. We were able to make it for the reception at least, and I got to see little Bwenticus all married off, which was kind of crazy.

While at the fabulous Katie's, I got this random text message at 1:40 in the morning. Luckily, I was awake, otherwise I probably would have lost my shit with crankiness. Well, somehow I managed to get myself a text message stalker. The kid has been texting me non-stop since I've been back with very little encouragement from me. However, he crossed the line of desperation and neediness when he kept pestering me to text him back, and why hadn't I texted him back and blah blah BLAH! Sooo, I might have told him that I was busy, I didn't know him or owe him anything and he needed to chill. Annnd then he texted me AGAIN that night to see if I was busy...and I ignored it per usual. And I haven't heard from him since. Ahhh, blissful silence. :) I know that may have been a little harsh but seriously? We were way past the city limits sign to creeperville so I feel it was justified.

Now we're just a mere 3ish weeks away from my departure to my big summer adventure and I am getting so EXCITED. Prepare yourself for even more gratuitous photos of myself, Caitlin, Melissa, Emily, and all the other fabulous people I shall meet along the way. (Dear photo gods, please send me a hot irishman in Dublin, thanks, love me.)

In other news, I've got a minor bone to pick with IKEA. Thanks to the help of Megan, I think I've found the perfect sofa table for my place and it's a reasonable price at $149, which is pretty good compared to others I've seen. But of course it's not available in any of the California stores so I say "Let's order this bitch online!". Add it to the cart. Plug in my address. Get to the page for credit info and order reviewing and WOAHOHHOLYSHITTHATCANNOTBETHESHIPPINGCHARGE! Those bastards wanted to charge $299.00 for shipping!?!? That's twice the cost of the table?! What the deuce IKEA, what. the. deuce. Epic fail. So the search continues.