Updated: Tigers and tigers and...tigers? Oh my!

Many a person has asked me "What do you want to be when you grow up?" or "And what will you use that degree for?" and such. And when I try to explain sometimes their eyes glaze over or they look at me like I'm nuts or they could care less. But for those who don't understand, I'd like to direct your attention HERE, because if you can look at that and still not understand how I want to work with these amazing creatures and make sure that they don't disappear from this planet even if it means raising them in captivity and not in the wild, then frankly, that discussion is over. On that note, meet who I've been spending some quality time with lately. Ladies and gents, I'd like to introduce you to Ubon, a male 9 year old Malaysian tiger.

How cute is he?! And then there is Kiri, a female 9 year old Malaysian tiger!

A lady has to look her best!

Last weekend the Megster and I went down to Costa Mesa for the weekend and let's just say our first roadtrip together = success. Good food, good company, a gorgeous day spent at the beach and, not to mention, we popped my IKEA cherry. First visit to IKEA equaled spending a pretty penny, but I finally found the gem I've been looking for to go in my living room. It's kind of amazing and I might be a little bit in love. It's the perfect piece to finish off my living room aside from getting a chair to go with my couch and it wasn't that expensive which is DOUBLY awesome. This, would in fact, be the table I referred to earlier that had a ridiculous price for shipping and I think the megster and I learned that it's because you'd have to pay UPS that ridiculous amount since the box was slightly heavy and the worlds most awkward thing to carry. But we rocked it and I put it together in record time and then sat back to admire my handiwork. Those swedish man, they know something about furniture.

First road trip!

Gorgeous beach in Laguna that we sat and read on :)
My birthday has come and gone and I'm another year older. Now I don't know about you but to me the best birthday gift ever has be going to get an xray on your hip. Right? I know, I know. So Monday we find out how badly I jacked myself up. Keep your fingers crossed it's nothing major so I can keep training for September!
I'm so close to heading off to NYC and Dublin and London that I can taste it! Bring on the vacation.
Update: Hip is jacked, and by jacked, I mean I have tendonitis, which means my 1/2 marathon dreams are up in the air. Awesome.


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