First bite of the big Apple

I would consider today a success.

After a day full of travel yesterday and my first yellow cab ride into the city with the fabulous Lady Kate, a late night dinner at a quaint NY restaurant superbly called Kitchenette (I think), today was my first full day in the Big Apple. My impression? NYC is kind of great. Yes, it is similar to many other big cities in the world that I've been to and yet, it has it's own way of standing out. Like offering 1000% humidity and making me a sweaty beast all day, while still being able to enjoy myself. That is a fate I never thought possible.

I spent the day wandering all over the Manhattan and surrounding boroughs, and literally, ALL over, with the lovely Alli D. She is a fantastic hostess and city tour guide, so thanks lady! We were in all kinds of fabulous places that I should probably know the name of but they completely escape me at this moment in time. We took the Staten Island ferry,which hello!, is completely free and gives amazing views of the city and the statue of liberty which you can see below. (these are all cell phone photos, regular camera with some zoom action will be providing much more detailed ones at a later date...obviously).

We also buzzed through Times Square (tourist NIGHTMARE), sat in Central Park for a bit (which I will be revisiting again tomorrow for an extended tour) and ate at some fabulous places including a little mid-afternoon-post-ferry-fro-yo from Pinkberry. Again, I can't say thanks enough to Alli D for showing me around the city. It was great to spend some quality time with a friend in the big city :)

I did have an adventure on the subway my first time out. Of course the service going in the direction I needed was down so I had to go uptown then downtown past the stop needed so I hoofed it only about 6 blocks to where I needed to be. Always a journey.

More tomorrow, tonight calls for sleep.


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