The Phantom of the Drawer

No, I do not have a case of invisible underwear, that would be weird....yet kind of awesome. Imagine how much LESS laundry you'd have! Or maybe incredibly gross, since you wouldn't be able to see it to clean it, and that could produce potential health and smell issues. But I digress..... I have this set of drawers that likes to open on their own in my desk. It's kind of, well, creepy. I'll be piddling along, doing my work and turn to grab something or get up and there one of them is, wide open and gaping at me like some sort of great abyss, demanding I either A. trip over it, B. Get something out of it or C. attempt to close it and be mocked as it opens of its own accord again. Don't believe me, well I took a picture, but then I realized that it's just a picture with a drawer on it that's open, I mean, anyone could have opened it. But I swear on all that is crazy, this baby opened by itself. The picture even says it, see, in the pink. It's like, science, because it's photo documented.

There's a new parking lot near where I work and said parking lot has lots of planters in it with cement curbs, idly waiting for trees to be planted in them (I assume) and today, some lady managed to get her car tire stuck in one. Yes, you read that right, stuck. in. a. planter. How you may ask? I have no fucking idea. She was in a smaller car, low to the ground, so it's not as if the tire would have easily hopped into the waiting dirt. The only thing I can guess is that she was hauling ass and BAM, popped her tire up on in that bitch. Crazy sauce.
And update on the hip: it still hurts like a bitch. Every time I stand or walk and sometimes even when I think about standing or walking. Houston, I fear we may have a problem here. Dag.
I need to find me some pain killers and booze.


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