25 is the new 80

I am an old woman.

My hip hurts beyond belief. Incredible INCREDIBLE intense sharp stabbing shooting pain that make me want to take mass quantities of pain killers and then chase them with some booze to pass out. This hip o mine, that decided it wants to go all decrepit and rickety, ruined my workout today. Thanks a lot hip, thanks for being an asshole.

Also ruining my workout today? My gift from mother nature. Thanks a lot for stomach wrenching pain that makes me want to do the above with the pain killers and booze and passing out, but making sure that passing out is in the fetal position.

Instead of the pain killers and booze though, I opted for fresh peach icecream from Superior Dairy. De-li-cious. It soothed my soul a bit and makes it officially summer. I should feel more guilty about eating icecream when I only got to do 1 mile of my run, but honestly? I earned it today so guilt be damned. Bring on the peach!

What also makes things better, is finishing a book and going and buying a new one to start that day. :) Love, love and love.

If you need me, I'll be in an icecream coma, curled up in the fetal position, reading my new book.


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