there always has to be a party pooper in the bunch, at least today it's not me.

The time has come to take to the skies.  And while Heimy is non-too-pleased to see the pink and white polka-dots again, I'm of a completely different opinion.  I'll check y'all later because Butch and I? We're SO ready to head to Seattle already.

Watch out PNW, here we come.


frabjous friday:: pre-departure style.

I'll admit, I've been kind of a gym failure this week.  Only 3 days and one of those was not today.

I blame my inability to go to bed early enough so that I can rise before the damn roosters all in the name of sweating it out on the treadmill.

This aside, tomorrow? I leave for Seattle bitches. Hell freaking yes! I am ready for a vacay and some quality friend time.

So I might not have been a gym success, or have gotten the right amount of sleep for the week, and I might not yet be packed for my trip but it's bloody Frabjous Friday, a flight is on the horrizon and I've got caffeine in hand.

Grab your FF treat, slap a smile on that sour puss and charge into the 3-day weekend Spartacus style (nudity optional...though highly discouraged by management....and by management I mean me).


this may not be sparta, but who gives a shit.

I recently started watching a new television series on Netflix because I'm A. Completely and totally addicted to instant watch, particularly from my shiny new phone and B. I love being able to watch a show back to back without waiting because C. I am incredibly impatient. But I digress..

So this show, it's called Spartacus (and yes everytime I say it or think it I have to say it like SPPPAAARRRTAAACUUUUSSSS! complete with a fist pump and a grunt).  It's a Starz series, and while Showtime programs are known to be a tad bit scandalous (hi, Dexter and Weeds, I love you.), I didn't realize Starz had moved into the soft core porn genre as well. Ok, so it's not all boobs and butts but I was a little taken aback by the amount of sexy time in the first episode.

That being said, holy HELL are there some oh-my-god-I-didn't-know-the-human-body-could-look-so-ripped deliciousness going on in this series. And they walk around in what looks like diapers most of the time, or loin cloths, or a mixture perhaps.

I mean, just look at Spartacus!

Yeah, like I'm not going to watch this show.

However, watching it on my phone while running on the treadmill at the gym may not be so wise, particularly when all the sexy time starts taking place. Oops.


it's like giving a kid a popsicle and then telling them to stand in the sun for 10 minutes before eating it.

I finally did it.

I finally upgraded my phone. Yes, I have been rocking my first generation 2G iphone since they were first put on the market. No, I could not recieve picture messages. Or record videos. Or face time chat. Or play Words With Friends. Yes, sometimes the phone moved at a snail's pace. But, it was my buddy for many long years and I almost felt guilty about trading it in for a newer model, like I was cheating on it or putting it down like an old dog.

Well, I felt like that for a few minutes until the cold metal of that new phone touched my palm and I realized I could do all these things and MORE! Like instant watch my netflix on my phone. Best. Thing. Ever. Almost as amazing (because I'm not sure anything will top the instant watch thing), is that I can actually hear my phone now. The sound is mind blowing.

Not so amazing?

Getting home from the store and plugging my phone into my computer to upload my ringtones only to find out that I need the new version of itunes. And then when trying to download the new version of itunes finding out I can't. Because now my computer software is too old.



frabjous friday, a movement even a misanthrope can bang on about.

It's Frabjous Friday. Do you know what that means? Probably not, but let me share my friends.

I? am a starbucks addict. I lurve me a carmel frappaccino light or a black tea lemonade. Nom nom nom. However, 1. they're pricey and 2. they're kiiiiinda fatty. Which is why I have limited myself to one frap a week (I will still have the occasional BTL on the weekends if I go on a coffee date with a friend, I mean, it's totally a legit reason).

And that frap....comes on Fridays.

Another thing is that Alice and Wonderland is my all time flavor-ite Disney movie. Yes, it's weird. Yes, it's kind of like being on an acid trip. And it's awesome. Remember Frabjous day from the latest movie? (And the book). No? Well google that shit. Go ahead, I'll wait.... find it? So it's the day that Alice slays the Jabberwocky and supposedly is a combintation of fabulous and joyous.

Frappacino...Frabjous....Friday.....see how they all go together?

It's Frabjous Friday bitches. :)

My buns and thighs might hurt like a sonofabitch from my workouts this week and it might feel like someone jabbing a knife into my muscles when I move. My house might not be clean. Other things might be weighing down on me. But it's sunny and it's frabjous friday and that's something we can all smile about. 

So grab whatever makes you happen and let's all Futterwacken, because the weekend is neigh!


it's official.

I have done graduated.

With honors.

Fuck yeah y'all. Fuck yeah.


if you're short, have a beard and carry an axe, maybe you can pull it off, but even then i doubt it.

Life without music would be sad. I love music. I listen to it constantly at home, at work, in my car, at the gym, you name it. However, music and whistling? These are two distinctly different things. While I love to hear most any kind of music throughout the day, I do not, I repeat, do NOT wish to hear you whistling some shittacular little tune. You might think you sound like the next Andrea Bocelli of the whistling world, really, in all honesty, you sound like a giant wanktard. If it's 7:30 in the morning, no one wants to hear you belt out your own little tune. They don't want to hear it at 8:00, or 10:00 or even 2:00.

Keep it inside.

You have a running tune inside your head? Grrrreeeaaaaat. Keep it there. Tap it out with the toe of your shoe, even hum a bar or two (but don't get crazy).

And please, for the love of all that is holy and kind, leave the whistling to these guys.


this is all completely random and pointless but it's monday and i'm tired.

Feast your eyes on the cutest fucking thing I think I've ever made.

Yes, yes that IS a penguin hat for my future little nephew. Sadly, the pattern was for a small but it still looks like it won't fit him until he's about 24 months so now I'll need to modify it to make a smaller one but holy freaking COW is it adorable.

In progress is the matching stuffed penguin. I fear that I may die from a cuteness overload.

In other news, this past weekend was my sissy pants' birthday and to celebrate we went out to lunch and got pedicures. I am loathe to want anyone near my feet, so I rarely get pedicures and instead do my own toe maintenance, but for her I went. So Happy Birthday Sissy Pants!

I also went to the coast for the day and it was glorious. Sun. Warmth. Laughter. Chowder. The only thing missing was finding the motherload of old buttons. I will find them though, dag nab you buttons I will FIND you.

And to wrap this up all I have to say is GO PACKERS!!!!!!!


if i could punch it in the nads i would

I'm trying a new phenomenon known as "getting your ass up early and to the gym". This is NO easy task mind you. I? am not a morning person. I much prefer to turn all electronic devices to mortuary silence and sleep in my comfortable bed until I finally decide to stumble like a cave woman to the shower to start my day.

So when my alarm now sounds at 5:10 in the morning I have to resist the urge to chuck it across the room and watch it splatter...mostly because I'd have just busted my iphone and then I would have to weep. I'm on a hot streak though! I've managed 3 days in a row. Yup, 3. Not 33, or 333, just 3. But hey, it's a start. So far I'm liking this concept, so long as I can stick to the routine.

In other news there is a new trend rocking my generation that needs. to. die. And this is the trend of using "epic" to describe every stinking emotion, action, ordeal, discovery, exclamation, proclamation, disgruntlement and disappoinment.

It should not be used to describe a new Mikey Mouse Wii game.

Nor should it be used so haphazardly in car and travel commericals.

I don't want to hear it on the radio.

Or see it on your facebook.

I refer you to this little blog/web page posting on the topic, as this person does a far superior job of shedding light on the declining literary skills of my generation "Not Everything is Epic, Shitheads".

Of course, the one liberal use of epic that is reasonable if used in moderation is the epic fail. However, I'll let these guys be the judges of that concept.