frabjous friday, a movement even a misanthrope can bang on about.

It's Frabjous Friday. Do you know what that means? Probably not, but let me share my friends.

I? am a starbucks addict. I lurve me a carmel frappaccino light or a black tea lemonade. Nom nom nom. However, 1. they're pricey and 2. they're kiiiiinda fatty. Which is why I have limited myself to one frap a week (I will still have the occasional BTL on the weekends if I go on a coffee date with a friend, I mean, it's totally a legit reason).

And that frap....comes on Fridays.

Another thing is that Alice and Wonderland is my all time flavor-ite Disney movie. Yes, it's weird. Yes, it's kind of like being on an acid trip. And it's awesome. Remember Frabjous day from the latest movie? (And the book). No? Well google that shit. Go ahead, I'll wait.... find it? So it's the day that Alice slays the Jabberwocky and supposedly is a combintation of fabulous and joyous.

Frappacino...Frabjous....Friday.....see how they all go together?

It's Frabjous Friday bitches. :)

My buns and thighs might hurt like a sonofabitch from my workouts this week and it might feel like someone jabbing a knife into my muscles when I move. My house might not be clean. Other things might be weighing down on me. But it's sunny and it's frabjous friday and that's something we can all smile about. 

So grab whatever makes you happen and let's all Futterwacken, because the weekend is neigh!


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