frabjous friday:: pre-departure style.

I'll admit, I've been kind of a gym failure this week.  Only 3 days and one of those was not today.

I blame my inability to go to bed early enough so that I can rise before the damn roosters all in the name of sweating it out on the treadmill.

This aside, tomorrow? I leave for Seattle bitches. Hell freaking yes! I am ready for a vacay and some quality friend time.

So I might not have been a gym success, or have gotten the right amount of sleep for the week, and I might not yet be packed for my trip but it's bloody Frabjous Friday, a flight is on the horrizon and I've got caffeine in hand.

Grab your FF treat, slap a smile on that sour puss and charge into the 3-day weekend Spartacus style (nudity optional...though highly discouraged by management....and by management I mean me).


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