it's like giving a kid a popsicle and then telling them to stand in the sun for 10 minutes before eating it.

I finally did it.

I finally upgraded my phone. Yes, I have been rocking my first generation 2G iphone since they were first put on the market. No, I could not recieve picture messages. Or record videos. Or face time chat. Or play Words With Friends. Yes, sometimes the phone moved at a snail's pace. But, it was my buddy for many long years and I almost felt guilty about trading it in for a newer model, like I was cheating on it or putting it down like an old dog.

Well, I felt like that for a few minutes until the cold metal of that new phone touched my palm and I realized I could do all these things and MORE! Like instant watch my netflix on my phone. Best. Thing. Ever. Almost as amazing (because I'm not sure anything will top the instant watch thing), is that I can actually hear my phone now. The sound is mind blowing.

Not so amazing?

Getting home from the store and plugging my phone into my computer to upload my ringtones only to find out that I need the new version of itunes. And then when trying to download the new version of itunes finding out I can't. Because now my computer software is too old.



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