the bees.

 I'm just a kid from California who apparently decided to never stop going to school so I earned a masters degree and then started veterinary school.  I'm neurotic and slightly OCD.  I love bright colors, cows and cats.  I have a penchant for buying coats even though I don't need them.  I love to create and often have grand designs that never come to fruition.  I'm a total science nerd.  I prefer spending time with animals rather than people because they don't talk back.  I'm quiet and loud.  I do dumb things and the weirdest things happens to me.  I never say the right thing, I ramble constantly and I'm so uncoordinated and spatially unaware that I maim myself on a daily basis. I curse more than I should and always say too much. I have crazy friends all over the globe and would mortgage my life to travel anywhere anytime.  I live with a crabby old cat who is the most high maintenance and low maintenance pet you'll ever meet. I'm a complete bookworm but also love to watch television.  I'm forgetful often but try to remember.  I try always to be truthful and speak my mind. And I try to be furiously happy.

Welcome to my life.