"T" is for "Tittynope"

I know we all learn our ABC's when we're in kindergarten or pre-school, but apparently? I still need help with mine.

In other news......wait, I have no other news. My life is dull. This week I was consumed with watching season 2 of VMars (oh how I LoVe thee!), studying for a couple exams (ok really? only a couple days of that.....cause I'm a huge slacker, ahem.), and having a Partylite Party at my house. The party? Was great. Lots of folks showed up, we laughed, we ate, we smelt some shit and drank mimosas. The tests? Well, they're done at least. VMars? Never disappoints.

Today I got asked to go house hunting with a friend of mine. Totally honored that she thinks I've got a good eye for things like that. Then she follows up by telling me I'm like an old, worn-out horse. Que? Thanks Megan, I'm sure there's a compliment in there somewhere ;)

I've got a question? Why is it that an ipod, when placed on shuffle, simply repeats the same 30 or so songs over and over. Shouldn't it shuffle though all 900 or so songs or however many are on there before repeating? I do not understand this shuffle mechanism. As much as I love "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus (shut. up.) I don't want to hear it 4 times on my way back from F town. Ipod? you're so on notice. Also on notice: Panera. After picking up a delicious veggie sandwich and apple, I hurried home to consume my food. Inhaled the sandwich and reached in for my golden, delicious Fuji apple and almost cried when what did my wondering eyes see? A fucking red. delicious. I was so crest fallen and traumatized that I asked the girl today what kind of apples they had because last time it was a red delicious and those, my friends, are grody. Lucky for me, it was business as usual in the apple department so way to be Panera, way. to. be.

It's Friday ya'll, and payday, which means it's time for a hot-damn, exciting night out on the town. Meaning, I'll be hanging out with Megan, in my pj's, watching movies and playing mario kart on the wii. I love my life.


I think someone spiked my frappuccino with Ambien.

I can't believe this month is almost over already. I mean, I know it's a shorter month and all but hot damn, next week it's March. Ca-razy. Last week flew by because it was consumed with frantic studying for first exams, as will this week.

I'm super excited because my friend Lindsey decided to start blogging this week. She's an awesome writer (you are Lyns, don't argue with me!) and has an amazing voice in her writing. Also? I'm ready for lots and lots of pictures of baby Julia :) Her beautiful daughter and my psuedo niece. I can't wait to start reading all about their day to day lives.

My tickets have been purchased for New York and London this summer. Needless to say, I'm peeing my pants I'm so excited! I'm ready for a visit back to L-town and I've never been to NYC, so it should be equally amazing. Depsite this expense I'm contemplating 2 expensive purchases. I'm ready for a new Mac. I've had my lappy for about 5 years now and it's time to upgrade. And the other one is a new camera. I love my point and shoot and am not getting rid of that beauty, but I want a more professional-esque one where I can have more control over the images I'm taking. Little did I know what a complicated world photography land would be! There are so many types of cameras and then there's the software debate: Photoshop or Aperture and if photoshop which one? My brain hurts. And so will my wallet when all is said and done.

I've also been researching for a credit card that earns frequent flyer miles and holy freaking crap on a stick is that a complicated search as well. There are SO many and I'm having a hard time finding one that's right for me. I need to get on it though because I've already booked 3 flights this year with a minimum of one more to go and those are all things I could be earning miles on for the future. I'm ready for that 2.5 week vacation this summer too, SO ready it's ridiculous. I love being able to travel. Because these feet, these ones right here:

Were made to go places.


Another reason for me not to be a mother: Buying odd contraptions.

This disturbs me greatly. I don't know why, perhaps it's the lovely picture on top, the cutsey slogan, or the fact that they come in varying designs.

I guess it's better than getting peed on, but it still gives me the heebies.


One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

There are days when all I want to do is create. Pictures, paintings, stories, you name it and I want to create it. I've been having a lot of those days lately.

It starts with simple things, like wearing my favorite shoes and waiting on a porch.

Then moves to other ideas like new flowers to spiffy up a room.

To taking pictures of new blooms and barren trees waiting for spring to fill their branches.

It's the simple things that can bring great joy, and sometimes it just takes a little reminding. Like that feeling when you pull a pair of jeans out of the dryer and pull them up without a hitch, no lunges or squats to loosen them up.


Don't worry, I won't hold it in.

I absolutely, positively and undeniably cannot STAND people who constantly make themselves the victims. Get. Over. It. Seriously. Grow a fucking pair, suck it up, and deal with it. Don't snivel to anyone who will listen or make up stories to make yourself look more pathetic and vulnerable. Act like an adult, face the situation, talk it over and move the fuck on. It's not that hard. I've been doing it for years. Here's a life lesson for you that I learned long ago: Nothing is given to you. Life takes hard work, perseverance, a little pain, a lot of sweat and the guts to know that you can handle what is being thrown at you no matter how hard it may seem. The upside is that when you do make it through you're a better person. You understand yourself and the human condition more than you did on the other side of the shithole you just crossed and you should, I say should, be able to take that lesson and use it the next time a situation like that presents itself. Sadly? We live in a world where people coddle their children and don't allow them to make decisions for themselves or deal with the consequences of their actions. I thought they cut the cord right after those little bundles of joy were shot out of the cannon? Apparently not. Maybe it's just me, maybe I've been "jaded" to the point where I can't stand people who don't know how to deal with anything because I do, I don't know. But what I do know is that I'm tired of people like that making my life a living hell because they don't know how to deal. They all deserve a good throat jab, poke to the forehead and a "Listen here, you're an adult so this is how you should behave.." speech.

In other news, I made some freaking yummy tofu veggie stir fry last night. Of course, I get all the ingredients out, pull out the wok and ...... whatthefuck. Where's the cord? No where to be found, but I remember seeing it when I was moving in last July so I knew it was there somewhere. So of course I proceeded to search for the damn thing for 45 minutes and VIOLA! I found it! (Where I had looked twice already but it was hiding under a lid but anyways....) See what a little perseverance can do! It can feed you. Behold, the newest veggie culinary excursion. (Next time I'll use an actual camera, so the pictures are better :)

Behold the ingredients! (Not pictured: garlic and onion. They're a little shy.)

Put some oil in the wok, throw in the garlic and onion for a little bit, then add the tofu, some terriyaki sauce and some Thai peanut sauce... mmm....

Cook the veggies in the same sauces, once they're about done, toss in the tofu/onion/garlic mixture and let simmer to complete yumminess! Tossing in the sprouts when it's almost done because they don't take too long.

Served over brown rice and enjoyed :)

It turned out pretty awesome. I've never cooked with tofu or made stir fry from scratch (I usually just buy the bag in the frozen section with the veggies and sauce all in one, shhhhhh) but I was quite please with myself! The only thing I'll do differently next time is cut the tofu in smaller chunks, so it absorbs more of the flavor of the sauces...and maybe let it marinate for a little while so it'll be uber delicious! And...more veggies! You can never have too many veggies, though this made so much I'll be eating it for awhile. So that's two completely vegetarian meals I've cooked for myself, which is pretty awesome. Prepare yourselves to see more of my culinary masterpieces as they evolve!
I finally signed up to take the damn GRE last night. 160 bones later and I'm scheduled for 4 hours of painstaking test taking in March. I kind of want to barf from the anxiety all ready. I might be a slightly smart cookie, but me no likey tests. Especially tests that determine my eligibility and competitiveness for grad school. VOMIT. I have a feeling I might be needing a xanex on the morning of the test. Especially since in F-town, and starts at 8, and you have to be there early... which means I'll be getting up at the butt crack o' dawn. Joy.
Yes, yes adulthood blows sometimes, but guess what........
I get over it. :)