"T" is for "Tittynope"

I know we all learn our ABC's when we're in kindergarten or pre-school, but apparently? I still need help with mine.

In other news......wait, I have no other news. My life is dull. This week I was consumed with watching season 2 of VMars (oh how I LoVe thee!), studying for a couple exams (ok really? only a couple days of that.....cause I'm a huge slacker, ahem.), and having a Partylite Party at my house. The party? Was great. Lots of folks showed up, we laughed, we ate, we smelt some shit and drank mimosas. The tests? Well, they're done at least. VMars? Never disappoints.

Today I got asked to go house hunting with a friend of mine. Totally honored that she thinks I've got a good eye for things like that. Then she follows up by telling me I'm like an old, worn-out horse. Que? Thanks Megan, I'm sure there's a compliment in there somewhere ;)

I've got a question? Why is it that an ipod, when placed on shuffle, simply repeats the same 30 or so songs over and over. Shouldn't it shuffle though all 900 or so songs or however many are on there before repeating? I do not understand this shuffle mechanism. As much as I love "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus (shut. up.) I don't want to hear it 4 times on my way back from F town. Ipod? you're so on notice. Also on notice: Panera. After picking up a delicious veggie sandwich and apple, I hurried home to consume my food. Inhaled the sandwich and reached in for my golden, delicious Fuji apple and almost cried when what did my wondering eyes see? A fucking red. delicious. I was so crest fallen and traumatized that I asked the girl today what kind of apples they had because last time it was a red delicious and those, my friends, are grody. Lucky for me, it was business as usual in the apple department so way to be Panera, way. to. be.

It's Friday ya'll, and payday, which means it's time for a hot-damn, exciting night out on the town. Meaning, I'll be hanging out with Megan, in my pj's, watching movies and playing mario kart on the wii. I love my life.


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