Surrealism at its finest

Well, the time has come as it always would, for my four months in London to come to a close. It feels very odd. I'm excited to be going home but at the same time, sad to leave all this behind. It also feels weird to be flying today because with all the travel I've been doing it just feels like another travel day but I have to keep reminding myself it is THE travel day. All my stuff will be gone, and until I book another ticket it's a one way flight.

I can't wait to see you all :) For those of you who are coming to visit H-town this summer, I'm so excited to see you as well! I have a feeling this summer is going to be an awesome one, which is good, because it'd be hard to come back to drab and dreary after the past four months.

Oh, and FYI, if you're someone who has mailed me something, please no longer do so as, well, I won't be getting it. Ever. They don't forward stuff here, so if you want to send anything via mail, please send it to my permanent address. If you don't know it, just email me, though it's the 606 of course, duh.

Signing off for now, next time this kid will be saying howdy from sunny Cali. :D

Oh, and p.s., I fixed my phone! I am the smartest woman alive.

I might have passed out or something

Sooo.... I apparently got distracted by taking a nap yesterday - I mean, working really hard on packing and cleaning, and never got around to posting those pictures. Last night was my last night out on the town, and so we went to the I Love the 90's night at he 02 Academy in Angel and we had a blast. Tonight will be filled with last minute packing and cleaning, though honestly, it'll mostly be cleaning as I'm already packed. Oh, and trying to fix my iphone that I was SO excited to get to use, but when I plugged it in to charge it did a software update and is now not allowing me to finish the update b/c of a SIM card error or some shit. Awesome.. Not.

Anywho's here are my photos from most of yesterday, which was a beautiful day, and I got sunburned, in London.. who knew?!

Isn't he cute!
Totally battling for the spot under the heat lamp.
A whole building we totally missed last time, which was awesome!

I love these guys!
Oh giraffe.
The gorillas were totally chillin'.
It was nap time, and I love how the male has his leg hiked up :)
More baby primates

After the zoo we went out to Hampstead Heath, like I said before. Here are the pics from there.

And, as fully promised, here is the amazing spaghetti ice cream I had. Mmmmm mmm good.

Catch ya'll later.


Real life jousting ya'll

That's what Warwick Castle has to offer. Plus jesters, minstrels and other sorts walking around. Cheesy, yes, but awesome? Definitely! We had a great time there yesterday!

The Castle
Waiting for the Knights to fight, which they didn't, their squires did. Lame!

Jousting and foot fighting! Yes!

From one of the castle towers
Fire eating....
.... Fire breathing :)
Shot of the town from the castle
Me and the castle on the way out!

Our last day trip, and it was great. Today has been a beautiful, sunshine filled day! The weather is absolutely GORGEOUS and was perfect zoo and park weather, which is what I did today. I'll post those pics after I upload them. We also went to this ice cream place that was recommended to us and they make ice cream look like food, such as spaghetti. No joke. You'll see.


A total paradox

That's what visiting Botanical Gardens on a cold, windy rainy day is. Sadly, my visit to Kew Gardens was cut short, b/c I was getting seriously soaked and cold. But I did wander around a small section of this huge place and went into some of the greenhouses which were awesome. It's a shame I couldn't fully enjoy it, even cold and overcast would be fine, but walking in a huge garden in the rain is not the most fun.  
The Palm House

Water lily house :)

Wind blown and a little soggy, but happy.
Princess of Wales Conservation House

Two whole rooms full of orchids! 

I love these

So cute!

And now I'm doing laundry and packing, what a glamorous day :) Tomorrow: Off to Warwick Castle with the promise of seeing real Jousting!

This should Brighton your day

Well, well, lets see. What is there to do in London? Unsure? You could always go see a musical! Which would be what we did on Monday night. We went and saw Spring Awakening which rocked my world. SUCH and awesome show, great music, fantastic acting, it was ah-maz-ing.

The theatre

Getting ready to go inside
The stage, which was cool b/c you could sit on it! By the end we were wishing we were these people.

Yesterday the girls and I took a bus down to the coast to Brighton. It was overcast when we got there,  but in an hour or so the sun come out and it was beeeeaaautiful. Didn't hold a candle to california beaches of course, but it was still awesome. (At least the water was cleaner! hahaha)

Aubs and I fighting the wind yet again on the Brighton Pier
I am a HARDCORE scuba man.
What I call the Brighton Taj Mahal, but have been informed is the Brighton Pavillion.

Sunshine! But damn that wind still and I was totally wishing I had my sunglasses.
The world famous Brighton Pier
Looks so fake, but actually is Brighton.

We were going to do our usual head shot, but some girl walking by offered to take the photo, so why not!
Mushy peas!

Awkward shadow people. No I did not become a hunchback over night, that would be my bag.

And today I'm off to go see Kew Gardens, which are the royal botanical gardens... however the sun is not out and that is NOT making me a happy camper. I. Want. SUNSHINE! Then I get to do my favorite thing, laundry. Last time paying out the wazoo to do this crap. I don't want to pack home a bunch of stinky clothes, that's just dirty. :)