This should Brighton your day

Well, well, lets see. What is there to do in London? Unsure? You could always go see a musical! Which would be what we did on Monday night. We went and saw Spring Awakening which rocked my world. SUCH and awesome show, great music, fantastic acting, it was ah-maz-ing.

The theatre

Getting ready to go inside
The stage, which was cool b/c you could sit on it! By the end we were wishing we were these people.

Yesterday the girls and I took a bus down to the coast to Brighton. It was overcast when we got there,  but in an hour or so the sun come out and it was beeeeaaautiful. Didn't hold a candle to california beaches of course, but it was still awesome. (At least the water was cleaner! hahaha)

Aubs and I fighting the wind yet again on the Brighton Pier
I am a HARDCORE scuba man.
What I call the Brighton Taj Mahal, but have been informed is the Brighton Pavillion.

Sunshine! But damn that wind still and I was totally wishing I had my sunglasses.
The world famous Brighton Pier
Looks so fake, but actually is Brighton.

We were going to do our usual head shot, but some girl walking by offered to take the photo, so why not!
Mushy peas!

Awkward shadow people. No I did not become a hunchback over night, that would be my bag.

And today I'm off to go see Kew Gardens, which are the royal botanical gardens... however the sun is not out and that is NOT making me a happy camper. I. Want. SUNSHINE! Then I get to do my favorite thing, laundry. Last time paying out the wazoo to do this crap. I don't want to pack home a bunch of stinky clothes, that's just dirty. :)



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