Real life jousting ya'll

That's what Warwick Castle has to offer. Plus jesters, minstrels and other sorts walking around. Cheesy, yes, but awesome? Definitely! We had a great time there yesterday!

The Castle
Waiting for the Knights to fight, which they didn't, their squires did. Lame!

Jousting and foot fighting! Yes!

From one of the castle towers
Fire eating....
.... Fire breathing :)
Shot of the town from the castle
Me and the castle on the way out!

Our last day trip, and it was great. Today has been a beautiful, sunshine filled day! The weather is absolutely GORGEOUS and was perfect zoo and park weather, which is what I did today. I'll post those pics after I upload them. We also went to this ice cream place that was recommended to us and they make ice cream look like food, such as spaghetti. No joke. You'll see.


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