Now you see what I do with my new found free time UPDATED: With all new funnies

I'm so done it's amazing. I turned in my last essay on Monday and took my genetics exam today (which, by the way, was a complete joke and total waste of freaking time. If you even glanced at your tutorials or went to class, you could pass that sucker in your sleep, all like 25 questions of it, it took me 30 minutes, and that was checking, rechecking, pausing, pacing and forcing myself not to be done in 15 minutes) which means that I am a FREE BIRD until I fly out of here on the 31st. Shh... hear that? That's the sound of not having anything hanging over my head to make me feel guilty if I want to lay in a park for 3 hours, or take a nap, or go to the pub. Ahhh... sweet relief.

Something I'm totally going to miss about having to ride the buses here is when you're on the upper deck and all of a sudden the automated voice reminds you that drinking is prohibited on London buses.... and then shortly there after that smoking is prohibited on London buses... and all I can think is what douchebag down below seriously thought they could roll up on the bus with a tall can in one hand and a hand-rolled in the other? Because someone did. But I'm always up top so I miss giving the culprit the stink-eye.

This just made me piss my pants laughing out loud.  I can't take the credit for finding this, I totally got it off of the comments of one of my favorite blogs that I read called The Bloggess, but it is a site... about cats... who look like Hilter. No joke. Don't believe me? Check out Kitler for yourselves HERE. I'm still laughing because it's just the most ridiculous and amazing thing I've witnessed lately.

Paws in the air folks, it's Kitler. 

UPDATE: Ok, it's not really that exciting, but I forgot to tell you the story about that time when my friend Aubrey was kind enough to offer herself up for manual labor and help me carry 2 boxes down to a place to have them shipped home. And about how the boxes weren't really that heavy and the walk wasn't really that far, until you combined the two and then it became the walk of terror. Seriously. A 10 kg box not so bad right? (That's about 22 lbs for you non-metric folks) About a mile walk is nothing for us city walkers, eh? Uh, no. My forearms and lower back are not my friends today. In fact, they are rebelling along with my jaw who decided now was a perfect time to flare up with the ol' TMJ again. Fan-freaking-tastic. But on a happier note, I definitely did NOT have the swiney flu, as I'm getting almost to healthy status... minus the incapacitation's previously listed above.

Moral of the story: Call a taxi and don't get sick and have to be a mouth breather b/c TMJ will not become your friend. :) 


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