We totally rocked out to Hanson

The farewells have begun.  My friend Claudia left this morning to go back to Italy and we all went out last night to hang one last time before she left. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I know I'll be seeing her again, whether she comes to Cali or I go back to Italy.... or both, but it's hard knowing I won't run into her walking in Angel or in the library or at Starbucks. And it's a big wake up call for the next 3 weeks. Anywho's, we went out to a late dinner last night and then hit a club in Angel where they have "I Love the 90's" every Friday night, which is pretty freakin' sweet! Granted, I didn't enjoy it to the fullest because I still didn't feel (and don't feel) that hot, but I went for Claudia and had a good time.

How I love this crazy Italian girl.
You know you do too!
Before we got all hot n' sweaty dancing.
Dancin' fools
See, hot n' sweaty.

And now for the story I TOTALLY forgot to tell when I posted about the McFly concert. So, we had a hell of a time getting back because for some reason the Piccadily line closed before 11:30, so we waited for a bus to head back to town, but the bus we got on just randomly terminated at Marble Arch and we were totally confused as to why. Thankfully another bus was right behind us that would take us back to Kings Cross, so we board, grab a seat and are bouncing along when I mentioned to Alexis how in London they are seriously all about the honor system with bus fares and such because I have never seen them check anything. I know that on the tube they'll have people dressed in plain clothes and then when the tube takes off they'll stand up and check people's tickets, but I've never seen it. And I imagined they checked buses as well. This topic came to me because I saw a couple board and sit, without tapping an Oyster card or anything. Conversation over, we hit the next stop and BAM, it's a freaking Raid. It. Was. Amazing. There were British Transport/Metropolitan police everywhere, and they boarded at both doors and we were on one of the weird long bendy buses, instead of a double decker. So anywho's, they start checking people's tickets and oyster cards to see if they validated, and it's like some seriously hard core raidage going on, and what do you know, the couple gets BUSTED. I'm dying to giggle inside as they cop asks why they didn't get a ticket before boarding and then they get pulled off the bus and I saw them totally getting a ticket as we pulled away.

But, before we left, there was a group of asian boys that boarded. One, Two tapped their oysters, a third tapped his and got the mad buzzer telling him he didn't have enough money. So he looks at the cop standing there and goes:
"What do I do if I don't have enough money on here?"
And the cop says:
"Get off the bus."
The kid goes:
"But it's only 80p, and my friends have already paid."
Cop: "You don't have enough, so you can't ride, so you get off."
And they went back and forth until the cop got really irritated and I thought he was going to mace the kid in his face only they don't carry mace because it's illegal and they don't even have guns, seriously, the cops don't carry guns, so all he could do was like arrest the kid, or maybe baton him to death. I don't know if they carry those, but basically it was like the most exciting thing I've seen. It was so cool! Our bus totally got raided. I was a little peeved as it was seriously late, we were tired, the bus was already taking forever and we had to get up at like 5 am to go to Newcastle the next day. But all in all, totally worth it.

Alright, off to do some errands before heading to my friend's flat warming party.

Remember, always validate your oyster, and if you don't, then you better be a fast runner because your ass is gonna be grass. Seriously, 80 pound find when the bus far is max 1.60 or something, so not worth it.


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