I might have passed out or something

Sooo.... I apparently got distracted by taking a nap yesterday - I mean, working really hard on packing and cleaning, and never got around to posting those pictures. Last night was my last night out on the town, and so we went to the I Love the 90's night at he 02 Academy in Angel and we had a blast. Tonight will be filled with last minute packing and cleaning, though honestly, it'll mostly be cleaning as I'm already packed. Oh, and trying to fix my iphone that I was SO excited to get to use, but when I plugged it in to charge it did a software update and is now not allowing me to finish the update b/c of a SIM card error or some shit. Awesome.. Not.

Anywho's here are my photos from most of yesterday, which was a beautiful day, and I got sunburned, in London.. who knew?!

Isn't he cute!
Totally battling for the spot under the heat lamp.
A whole building we totally missed last time, which was awesome!

I love these guys!
Oh giraffe.
The gorillas were totally chillin'.
It was nap time, and I love how the male has his leg hiked up :)
More baby primates

After the zoo we went out to Hampstead Heath, like I said before. Here are the pics from there.

And, as fully promised, here is the amazing spaghetti ice cream I had. Mmmmm mmm good.

Catch ya'll later.


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