Chinese water torture has to be better than this

For reals here, I'm not a happy camper. I am freaking SICK! As a dog. Sort of. I've been inside for 2 days hoping that it would make me get better, sleeping, drinking lots of water and then taking nyquil so I can pass the hell out and sleep at night and what do I get? Nothing. Big fat nothing. Except more snot. Ug. And before anyone freaks out, no I do not have the swing flu (though how cool would that be because honestly, I think you should sprout a snout or a curly tail or something, it could be just like Penelope and then James McAvoy could come save the day and we'd all be happy). Ahem, anyways.... like I was saying, it's just a head cold, trapped in my sinuses right now and I'm 99% sure it was allergy induced. But what really ticks me off is that it has JACKED my social calendar all. to. hell. Not only have  I not been able to go to the library to get my last essay done b/c right, like I could concentrate and the people are like nazis there, if you make noise, you get "Excused me'd" and shushed all over the place so imagine me blowing my nose up in there? Yeah, uh-huh, right. I'd be on my ass outside in a heart beat. So no work has been done and I didn't get to go to a show I wanted to see last night and tonight we're all supposed to go to this bar/club in Angel where they have "I love the 90's" every friday night and that's probably not going to happen. Suck. Especially since these have been Claudia's last 3 days in town and I haven't been able to hang out with her. 

And to top it off I'm sick of being stuck in my teeny, tiny room. Oi, I'm climbing the walls. So annoying. But I have to go to campus today to turn in my 2 essays that are done b/c one is due Monday and I don't want to have to deal with the line to submit essays on a Monday frankly. So at least I'll get out of here for a little while.

So no new photos, unless you want a photo of my massive pile of used kleenex? Yeah, I didn't think so.  Lets hope this goes away soon, otherwise I'm going to go nuts here.


Denise said...

Hey Anna. Hope you feel better soon! No one should be sick when on vaca in London! No one!! (Well you're not really on "vaca" but you get my point.) Eat some soup, get some claritin (do they sell that over there...i don't know), and get lots of sleep! Other than the sickness, hope you're having a good time over there. Talk to you soon!

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