If it's the Swine Flu, will you get a snout?

I woke up today with every intent of hitting the library as soon as it opened to do my last essay, but that's a no go. It's been windy here the past couple days, and since it's spring and everything is in bloom, hello Mr. Allergy, it has been awhile since I've seen you my old friend. So I'm kind of trapped inside, b/c it's still windy and I'm blowing my nose like a son-of-a-gun. No bueno.   But at least it gives me time to do a long over due post.  

My friend Claudia's birthday was a few days ago, and so for her birthday she wanted to go to the Natural History Museum (a woman after my own heart, yes, it's true) so we went, and it was totally Out Of This World! hahaha

This was an earthquake simulator.  It simulated an earthquake that happened in Japan, totally cool! And then afterwards some guy came up to us and started talking to us about how he was from California and how there earthquakes roll and yadda yadda until I raised my hand and said "Um, yeah I know, I'm from there." And he got a little confused. I think he thought he was hitting on some unknowing British girls, sorry dude. Totally. American. Yo.
Ok, seriously, this guy is a CHAMP! Check out the size of that leaf. You go buddy!
A ginormous robotic T-Rex. He was kind of creepy, but cool.
The Birthday Girl on the left!
The outside of the museum is so pretty.
Later that night we all got together for a dinner party for Claudia's b-day. (L to R: Charlotte, Ana (yes, it's confusing when we're together), Aubs, and Dana)
Claudia being totally surprised with her little cake.
On May 1st, Alexis and I went to go see a British band I totally lurve that luckily was on tour while we're here! They're called McFly. It was tons-o-fun.
Then this past weekend the girls and I went to Newcastle, which is a city in England up by the Scottish border. We went up there to see Hadrian's Wall, if you don't know what that is, just go here and check it out, cause it's awesome.
This is us on Saturday walking around Newcastle.
Checking out Newcastle and enjoying the sunshine!
A church
Our hotel room. Yup. 4 girls, 1 bed. We're cheap ok and hotels were expensive. So we had a big slumber party all over the room. Good times.
One of the bridges in Newcastle made to resemble the Sydney Bridge.
On Sunday we took about an hour and a half bus out to a little town called Once Brewed, which is in Northumberland National Park so that we could walk along Hadrian's Wall. We took about a 3 mile hike and it was AMAZING.

Claudia and I sitting on Hadrian's Wall at the start of our hike.
We climbed up this sucker, and several other large/steep hills. You can see the Wall in the back.
Say cheese (in all my totally hot, hiking glory)
Hadrian's Wall stretching across the countryside. So beautiful.
Recognize this tree? If you've seen the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood you should. This is Sycamore Gap.
Enjoying your hike ladies?
The footpath led through a couple wooded areas, LOVE.

This used to be one side of a gate that would allow people to cross through the wall.

Along the wall are milecastles or guard points as well as a fort or two. This is Housesteads Roman Fort.

After we got back from Newcastle, we decided we wanted to get together and cook dinner, since our Claudia is going home on Saturday. So Monday night we got together, went shopping, and made Pasta of course!
The Italian girl working her magic with the sauce.


And as yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, a holiday which clearly no English people know about, we decided to go to a place for a few drinks and chips and salsa. Unfortunately, no one here knows good Mexican food, and you have to pay for chips and salsa, but we had fun nonetheless.

Claudia, Ana and Alexis say Happy Cinco-de-Mayo to you!
Mojito? Why thank you.

And that's what I've been up to, other than sleeping and writing 1 more essay that is. 2 done, 1 to go and I'm D-U-N, done. Lots of stuff coming up that I'm planning on doing, all of it in the city though. It's hard to believe that my time here is coming to a rapid end and that almost 15 weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye. But I'm getting ready to be back in Cali and see you all again! :)

Off to read and blow my nose. My life is so exciting, I know.


Katie said...

I am SO glad you got to go to Hadrian's Wall and so jealous, particularly that you got to see the Robin Hood tree! Oh, the envy!

I'm glad you got to enjoy some Cinco action - I took a brief break from thesis for some enchiladas and Corona. Oh yum!

Denise said...

So, I love that you put up the picture I sent you! :) It's too bad you couldn't make it your background, cuz that would rock. When exactly are you coming back? We'll def have to get together and talk about all your adventures in London-town. :) Safe travels!

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