Off like a turd of hurdles

So, what have I been up to you may be asking yourselves, since I said I've been busy. Mostly, just walking around the city... a lot. And laying in parks.... a lot.  Aubs and I did a citywalk starting with Harrods and then around that area, then we wandered into Hyde Park and over to Kensington Gardens to find the Peter Pan statue and then we laid in the grass for about 2 hours before getting some dinner. 

Walking around the super ritzy area near Harrods

Peter Pan! It only took 2 attempts of looking in the park to find this sucker.

Lovely Kensington Gardens, which looks much better now than it did in February.

Then.... the girls and I took a day and went out to Greenwich to check out the Royal Observatory and see the area.

View from in front of the Maritime Museum in Greenwhich
View from the Royal Observatory overlooking Greenwhich park and out into the city.
Straddling the Prime Meridian.

Last Saturday Emily and Melissa came up from Gipsy Hill in South London to hang out with me for a day. We decided to wander around and hang out in a part of Regent's Park I'd never been to before.

Hanging out in the roses
Emily, me and Melissa
Gorgeous waterfall
These roses were called "Invincible". Emily looks convinced of her invincibility, Mel... not so much.
After the park we met up with Aubrey and Alexis and checked out the oldest pub in London just off of Fleet Street.

Last, but certainly not least, we were toured around the Spitalfields and Brick Lane areas by two amazing Londoners and then shown where they are building the 2012 Olympic Park!

This is the pub where Jack the Ripper used to pick his victims.
They made the Liberty Bell and Big Ben here!
Olympic Park!

And there you have it. I also went to see another play tonight, and I'll post the few photos I took later, but it was awesome! And tomorrow the girls and I are taking a bus down to the coast to Brighton.

Peace out ya'll


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