You can't tell right now, but I'm screaming with panic on the inside.

Have you seen 2012? If not and you want to, prepare yourself for almost 2 hours and 40 minutes of up and down, action that leaves you not only a bit like "what the fuck?" but for those of us who somtimes lean towards the paranoid, a bit in shock for Armaggeddon. I mean, we're all going to die.

Like for reals.

The earth's crust is going to destabilize and flood us all.


This is what this movie does to you and being a scientist (sort of) I believe the earth is changing, though will the tsunami's wipe me out in my life time? Probably not. But still, what the fuck ya'll?! And this is what I was thinking before going to bed last night:

Holy shit, what if the world was coming to an end and there was only 3 huge boats to save people and what the fuck do I have to do to get on that boat cause let's face it, right now Anna, you haven't done much with your life so why the hell would they select you to be on the boat, it's not like you have super amazing genes to offer the world and how would you save mom and sara, would you have to be a stowaway or offer yourself up for sexual favors or stab someone or, shit.

And with these thoughts I drifted off to sleep and dreamt of disaster and destruction and being so full of terror I nearly shat myself in my sleep I think. So, decent movie, but if you've already got enough issues, I recommend maybe not seeing it. (In all honesty it was a decent movie, just a bit long, and frightening, and sad, and did I mention the world is coming to an end?!?!)

The proof that the world is coming to an end? My fucking state taking out more taxes from my paycheck THIS month. Assholes. You got into debt, couldn't settle a budget and now right before mother effing christmas you're going to take 10% more out of my check? Fuck you assholes. Fuck. You. I'm so cheesed off about this right now that I kind of want to kick someone in the shins.

In lighter news, I'm peacing out Thursday for Indiana for Nads's wedding ,which should be pretty damn awesome, minus the whole "myflightleavesat6:30inthemorningwhichmeansIhavetobeattheairportatthebuttcrackofdawn" issue. Except before then I have 2 exams. FML. And next week is Thanksgiving already ya'll, what the hell? Where has time gone? That means I need to get my Christmas shopping done ASAP, except it cost me and arm and a leg and a kidney and my potential first born to fly to Indiana for the wedding, so merry christmas to all I'm going on a trip, that's what you get from me. :) Plus planning for the super awesome party we're having on the 12th. Yeah, things are going to get crazy these last days of the year. What I need is a IV of rum and diet pepsi on a wheely thing so I can make it through it all, and a hot piece of eye candy. Who's with me?

Also, a story I forgot to tell entitled: A trip to the Dollar store with Anna and Denise.
We were searching for the long tipped lighters and couldn't find them, so we ask an employee who without hesitating says:
"We don't have those."
Denise says "Are you sure, I've bought them here before."
And he says, "Oh we usually have them, but we're out right now."
We walk around a bit more and find about 8 rows of them by the kitchen stuff. So we each get one and proceed towards the check out but first stop by him and wave them in his face and I say "You have a ton of them, they're by the kitchen stuff. Just so you know." And we walked away to him going "Oh, ok." Ugh. Customer Service has really slipped since my days of retail.

I need another diet dr. pepper or I'm going to have a panic attack about a giant cavern opening up and swallowing me right now. God Damn you 2012!!!


Last I checked, I hadn't moved to a frozen tundra, but I did have a freak ass dream so maybe I was being abducted while I was asleep.

What the deuce ya'll? How was it 85 degrees and ball sweatingly hot outside just one week ago, and now it's freezing, raining and I can't feel my toes? I'm all for winter weather, but must it arrive all at once? I just don't understand.

Today is apparently my lucky day because I get to go castrate 7 little piggies. UGH! Why weren't you all girls! I'm not looking forward to this experience, mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing and I really hope I don't pop out the wrong thing and cut it off. SO, that being said, the herd manager better be around to help out or I might just lose my shit and refuse to do it. I'm not grossed out by it or anything, I mean obviously, but not knowing what I'm doing and just being handed a scapel and some antibacterial spray are not exactly how I saw myself learning how to do a procedure such as this. 7..... 7!! Only 2 girls in the whole litter, fuck universe, why do you hate me?

I'd like to make the annoucement that I watched the ENTIRE first season of Bones in a 24 hour period. A few episodes Tuesday night and the rest yesterday. Yup. My life is awesome and exciting, I know. But, I think watching that much Bones gave me some jacked up dreams. I had the most horrid dream and woke up freaking out a bit. I realized I needed a drink so I leaned over and stuck my hand out only to come in contact with something furry and go "The fuck?!" and freak out for a minute before realizing it was just my cat, oddly sleeping by my head when he normally sleeps behind my knees and nuzzles in right when I'm in the most uncomfortable position so that I'm stuck that way. Anyways, so my cat scared the shit out of me after my already creepy dream and then, since I had disturbed him, he demanded to be let outside so I had to get up and give the little prince what he wanted, otherwise he'd make my life hell. That was my night.

I'm finally on the downhill slope of this semester, thankfully, so I'm relaxing a bit about my classes which is bad, because I still have a shit pot full of things to get done. A presentation accompanied by a paper and then another paper and like 1234983 more exams. Seriously. BUT, I mean next week I'm going to Indiana for Nad's wedding (yay! If I'm bitching about it being cold now, I'm truly fucked for Indiana near Thanksgiving time) and then it's Thanksgiving and then we're in December and there's only 2 weeks of class and then finals. Woah, like woah. Mixed in there is the most BA Holiday party that is ever going to be thrown that I've got to prep for plus christmas shopping. Hmm..... maybe I shouldn't relax JUST yet.

I officially can't feel my toes or fingers, so I'm not really sure how I'm typing, in fact, I cannot be held responsible for anything that was said because I can't feel my fingers so that means I'm not in control of them. They've got a mind of their own. Fuck, we better run, this could be like Idle Hands all over again. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about you better hit Blockbuster on your way home tonight. As for me, I'm off to get some tea to warm up, and then wield a scapel. Poor pigs, never saw it comin'.


I wonder if this is what the bubonic plauge felt like, minus the pus filled boils.

You know how they say those who come close to death come back with a touch of it? They see things, hear things, whatever. Well I guess that's me now then, cause I'm pretty darn sure I was close to death in the past few days, at least it felt like it. I don't know who gave it to me, but if I ever find out who you are you bastard I will hunt you down and smack the shit out of you! But someone gave me this wretched flu that is going around. Ever wondered what it feels like to have your body rolled in sharp pins and every time you move or think of moving or imagine yourself thinking of moving, they stab you? And yet you have to blow your nose because it's running like Niagara falls? And then when some kind force takes the pins away, they leave behind sinus pressure and a cough so bad it makes you want to puke? Well if you have, then this flu is for you. Needless to say after 4 days in bed I'm SO ready to join the living again, but lets see if my body is willing to let me.

In other news, Fresno State AGAIN is driving to either a.) drive me to commit murder b.) drive me bat shit crazy or c.) both a and b. When I went to London I took a genetics class, and before I left I had the genetics professor in the biology department sign off so that it would count for a specific class. Soooo.... the transcripts arrive at the International Office, or sent to Admissions and Records and what does it get input as? Some weird ass fucking numbered class that I've never even heard of. What does this mean? This means that I can't register for 2 of the classes I need that it is a pre-requisite for because THIS semester, the registration system actually checks for pre-reqs. UGH. So after calling the Evaluations office, behing on hold, getting called back, they basically say that I have to have the International Programs office request to have the classed changed to an upper division class and then have my college petition to have it fulfill a major requirement. Um, excuse me?! You fucked up and now I have to do all this freaking work? I don't think so. Instead I contacted both professors of the classes I needed, explained the situation, got permission numbers for the classes and BOOM, registered. Anna = 1 CSUF = 3982. Now if I could just hear a response on my petition for them to NOT cut off my financial aid for some ridiculous reason that they've concocted, all would be fairly well. With these classes for Spring, then I have 4 classes left. YES! FU fresno state I will be graduating whether you like it or NOT.

In better news, Princess, my pretty sow, finally farrowed! She had 12 piggies! But sadly, when I went to see her she only had 9 left. :( sad face. But so far they're doing good, so fingers crossed. They're so dang CUTE! Sad news though, 7 of them are boys. Which means 7 castrations when we do their 12 day weights. Ugh, no fun.

I feel like I've been out of touch with everyone lately, so you, there, you should call or text me so we can find a time to hang out. Yes, yes do it. Right MEOW!

I'm off to drink a gallon of nyquil and pass out. Peace.