Last I checked, I hadn't moved to a frozen tundra, but I did have a freak ass dream so maybe I was being abducted while I was asleep.

What the deuce ya'll? How was it 85 degrees and ball sweatingly hot outside just one week ago, and now it's freezing, raining and I can't feel my toes? I'm all for winter weather, but must it arrive all at once? I just don't understand.

Today is apparently my lucky day because I get to go castrate 7 little piggies. UGH! Why weren't you all girls! I'm not looking forward to this experience, mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing and I really hope I don't pop out the wrong thing and cut it off. SO, that being said, the herd manager better be around to help out or I might just lose my shit and refuse to do it. I'm not grossed out by it or anything, I mean obviously, but not knowing what I'm doing and just being handed a scapel and some antibacterial spray are not exactly how I saw myself learning how to do a procedure such as this. 7..... 7!! Only 2 girls in the whole litter, fuck universe, why do you hate me?

I'd like to make the annoucement that I watched the ENTIRE first season of Bones in a 24 hour period. A few episodes Tuesday night and the rest yesterday. Yup. My life is awesome and exciting, I know. But, I think watching that much Bones gave me some jacked up dreams. I had the most horrid dream and woke up freaking out a bit. I realized I needed a drink so I leaned over and stuck my hand out only to come in contact with something furry and go "The fuck?!" and freak out for a minute before realizing it was just my cat, oddly sleeping by my head when he normally sleeps behind my knees and nuzzles in right when I'm in the most uncomfortable position so that I'm stuck that way. Anyways, so my cat scared the shit out of me after my already creepy dream and then, since I had disturbed him, he demanded to be let outside so I had to get up and give the little prince what he wanted, otherwise he'd make my life hell. That was my night.

I'm finally on the downhill slope of this semester, thankfully, so I'm relaxing a bit about my classes which is bad, because I still have a shit pot full of things to get done. A presentation accompanied by a paper and then another paper and like 1234983 more exams. Seriously. BUT, I mean next week I'm going to Indiana for Nad's wedding (yay! If I'm bitching about it being cold now, I'm truly fucked for Indiana near Thanksgiving time) and then it's Thanksgiving and then we're in December and there's only 2 weeks of class and then finals. Woah, like woah. Mixed in there is the most BA Holiday party that is ever going to be thrown that I've got to prep for plus christmas shopping. Hmm..... maybe I shouldn't relax JUST yet.

I officially can't feel my toes or fingers, so I'm not really sure how I'm typing, in fact, I cannot be held responsible for anything that was said because I can't feel my fingers so that means I'm not in control of them. They've got a mind of their own. Fuck, we better run, this could be like Idle Hands all over again. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about you better hit Blockbuster on your way home tonight. As for me, I'm off to get some tea to warm up, and then wield a scapel. Poor pigs, never saw it comin'.


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