You can't tell right now, but I'm screaming with panic on the inside.

Have you seen 2012? If not and you want to, prepare yourself for almost 2 hours and 40 minutes of up and down, action that leaves you not only a bit like "what the fuck?" but for those of us who somtimes lean towards the paranoid, a bit in shock for Armaggeddon. I mean, we're all going to die.

Like for reals.

The earth's crust is going to destabilize and flood us all.


This is what this movie does to you and being a scientist (sort of) I believe the earth is changing, though will the tsunami's wipe me out in my life time? Probably not. But still, what the fuck ya'll?! And this is what I was thinking before going to bed last night:

Holy shit, what if the world was coming to an end and there was only 3 huge boats to save people and what the fuck do I have to do to get on that boat cause let's face it, right now Anna, you haven't done much with your life so why the hell would they select you to be on the boat, it's not like you have super amazing genes to offer the world and how would you save mom and sara, would you have to be a stowaway or offer yourself up for sexual favors or stab someone or, shit.

And with these thoughts I drifted off to sleep and dreamt of disaster and destruction and being so full of terror I nearly shat myself in my sleep I think. So, decent movie, but if you've already got enough issues, I recommend maybe not seeing it. (In all honesty it was a decent movie, just a bit long, and frightening, and sad, and did I mention the world is coming to an end?!?!)

The proof that the world is coming to an end? My fucking state taking out more taxes from my paycheck THIS month. Assholes. You got into debt, couldn't settle a budget and now right before mother effing christmas you're going to take 10% more out of my check? Fuck you assholes. Fuck. You. I'm so cheesed off about this right now that I kind of want to kick someone in the shins.

In lighter news, I'm peacing out Thursday for Indiana for Nads's wedding ,which should be pretty damn awesome, minus the whole "myflightleavesat6:30inthemorningwhichmeansIhavetobeattheairportatthebuttcrackofdawn" issue. Except before then I have 2 exams. FML. And next week is Thanksgiving already ya'll, what the hell? Where has time gone? That means I need to get my Christmas shopping done ASAP, except it cost me and arm and a leg and a kidney and my potential first born to fly to Indiana for the wedding, so merry christmas to all I'm going on a trip, that's what you get from me. :) Plus planning for the super awesome party we're having on the 12th. Yeah, things are going to get crazy these last days of the year. What I need is a IV of rum and diet pepsi on a wheely thing so I can make it through it all, and a hot piece of eye candy. Who's with me?

Also, a story I forgot to tell entitled: A trip to the Dollar store with Anna and Denise.
We were searching for the long tipped lighters and couldn't find them, so we ask an employee who without hesitating says:
"We don't have those."
Denise says "Are you sure, I've bought them here before."
And he says, "Oh we usually have them, but we're out right now."
We walk around a bit more and find about 8 rows of them by the kitchen stuff. So we each get one and proceed towards the check out but first stop by him and wave them in his face and I say "You have a ton of them, they're by the kitchen stuff. Just so you know." And we walked away to him going "Oh, ok." Ugh. Customer Service has really slipped since my days of retail.

I need another diet dr. pepper or I'm going to have a panic attack about a giant cavern opening up and swallowing me right now. God Damn you 2012!!!


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