Like a relative at Christmas, you can't get rid of me that easily.

Holy shit ya'll, a month. That's almost how long it's been since I've written anything. That's sad, especially because I have the memory and attention span of a fly so anything remotely funny or dumb that happened to me... I've forgotten. I blame it on the drugs. Ok, I'm not on drugs, but it sounded good rather than "I'm just a huge dumbass who can't remember what day it is or where my pants are." (Seriously, have you seen my pants?)

In all reality what's been going on hasn't been that exciting. I've just been overwhelmed with life. Trying to finish out the semester without failing, working and squeezing in some sleep and friend time when I can. Thanksgiving was great. I ate my weight in pie and then had to come home and go for a run so I didn't hate myself. Especially since I haven't been to the gym in 8 weeks. AHHH! Shh... don't tell Jenny, my old trainer. I did however, finally go last night (yay!) and now I can't walk today. That's what I get for spending an hour and going 4 miles on the tread mill. And then stupid me wore seriously heeled boots to work today. When you can't move your thighs without grimacing? Not. So. Smart.

Christmas is coming! And I'm so stinking excited it should be illegal (in fact it might be in some countries). I just love the holidays. The weather, the smells, the family time and the giving. People do amazing things during this time of year for other people that how can you not help but love it! We're having an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party at my house this weekend an I am SO ready to get my ugly sweater on! It's been crazy squeezing planning time in inbetween everything else, but I think me, Meg and Dee will pull it off. It's the first annual one, which means it'll only get better from here. Pictures will follow after the party, promise! These ugly beauties must be shown to the world.

I need something warm to drink because I'm getting frostbite on my hands right now, so this is short, but sweet, to say that hopefully I'm BACK! and will continue to grace you with my stupidity and lack of coordination. Cheers for now folks, the hot cocoa is calling my name.


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