Deep in the Heart of England, Lives a LEGEND.

Ah yes, yes there is a legend that lives in the heart of England, and his name is Robin Hood! Today I went to Nottingham with the ladies, and to Sherwood Forest. Nottingham was much more modern and urban than I was expecting, but then we took about an hour bus ride outside the city, to a town called Edwinstowe where the Sherwood Forest is and it was AMAZING! We only got to spend about an hour there, because of the bus schedule and our train schedule back to London, but it was well worth the bus ride to frolic in the former stomping grounds of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. :)

The girls at the train station, waiting to see what platform we were to depart from.
A city street in Nottingham
Entrance to Nottingham Castle
The Castle
Um, best hats EVER!
Claudia dubbed this the Nottingham Eye
View of Nottingham from the 'eye'
At the tippy top!
We uh, apparently make faces a lot, but this is our "We're on a city bus going to the forest and we're not quite so sure about this" face or the "run because there's a man with a chain saw behind you" face, you pick.
The Forest!
It was so pretty!
Some merry woMen looking for Robin
Frolicking in the woods

This tree was split, and was awesome, and Alexis totally fell on her ass standing on the other half of the log, which was pretty amazing.
Just climbing some trees
Amen sign, amen.

A little blurry, but this basically says that legend has it that the church where this sign was is where Robin and Marian got married, SWEET!

And that's all folks. Nottingham/Sherwood, check! Tomorrow I want to say I'm going to sleep all day b/c I'm pooped, but alas, I'm going to a museum w/ Alexis and then doing some studying as I have a test Monday... yet I'm out of town all weekend. Curse you school for getting in the way of my traveling! :)

Until next time.


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