Football and Beer

It's like the All-American fantasy in London. Except we're talking "real" football here. Claudia and I went to an Arsenal game last night and it was SO much fun! This beautiful stadium is right behind my school, I can see it from 2 of my classrooms. And now I can say I've been in it and seen a match!

The stadium, isn't it cool?
Yay, excited!
Sporting the newly acquired team scarf, of course!

This is the view from our seats, they were AMAZING! And that's the team warming up!

Me and the stadium
Our first goal! which tied the score up, 1-1
Goal #2!!
Annnnd WE WON!
People went nuts, it was so awesome.
Giant A for Arsenal... or Anna??

I've never had so much fun, ok maybe not never, but still, it was great. The crowd totally bans together, sings, chants. My favorite chant was "The referee's a wanker!" hahahah, fan-freaking-tastic. I took a couple short vids and tried to post them, but this stupid thing won't let me, so alas, you'll just have to take my word for it (like you wouldn't, pfff, right).

The game got over around 10, so since it was St. Paddy's, we had to go have a beer somewhere, it just wouldn't have been right.  We hit a local pub, which sadly closed at 11 still (that's when pubs close around here, crazy, I know. Last call = 10:45. hahaha) We got a bunch of Guinness, so we got this sweet hat for free!

Happy St. Paddy's! Celebrating like we were all Irish with some Guinness.

Claudia, Me and Alexis, celebrating together.

Guinness what?

So that, ladies and gents, is how I spent my St. Paddy's day. Tomorrow I am preparing for the arrival of Katie! I shall be cleaning (you ever try to keep a room containing the toilet/shower/sink and the only mirror thus forcing you to do your hair in there as well clean? No, it blows.) and doing some mad dash homework so I don't have to do it whilst she is here. YAY! Posting will be minimal until she leaves... and maybe even after as I leave for Scotland again a day after she leaves, but one never knows... until then, ciao!


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