It's like the Muppets, for the aged

Thus has begun my theatre period in London. I saw Avenue Q last night, fan-freaking-tastic! I laughed so hard I practically peed my pants. For reals yo. It's like sesame street... gone so very VERY wrong. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about but are intrigued by puppets signing songs such as "It sucks to be me", "The internet is for porn" and "Everyone's a little bit racist" then you tube Avenue Q, and your sick, twisted sense of humor shall not be disappointed. 

Up next: Mamma Mia, until then, here are a few snap shots.

The lover-ly marquee...

Getting ready to go inside (and p.s. I have no idea why my nose looks GINORMOUS in this photo, but alas it does. hmmm...)

So, we get bored... pretty easily. And this is what happens. Sadly, Claudia wasn't sitting by us, so she missed out on this action.
Inside the theatre...

And they totally served ice cream during the intermission, Hell Yes! (p.p.s. this photo was totally posed, no I did not shovel the ice cream in my mouth like that....gosh...)


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