It's just like the new Weight Watchers

Hey there, hi there, ho there. This post has taken me for freaking ever because the internet refused to let me upload my photos. But alas! here I am... not entirely sober on St. Paddy's day, and it finally worked.

Wales was, well, interesting. Beautiful country, truly, but I wish I could say more nice things about it. However, I cannot. And not because of anything Wales did, but because of something Chester, England, did, the first major city stop on our trip. It gave me food poisoning. You know what's worse than food poisoning on a bus tour of another country? Nothing, that's what. Especially when you're roomed with a girl you do not like and she tries to mother you and you can imagine yourself punching her in the face for being incredibly annoying but cannot physically do the action because your body hurts so bad. I rallied a little on the 2nd day and managed to survive, but passed out as soon as I got home Sunday night and am still recovering slightly. Most foods still are not very appealing to me. 

So here's some photos from the trip, the second day you may or may not notice the extreme pale nature of my skin, but I assure you Alexis and Aubrey were both afraid I was dying... and I very nearly was.

First stop at a Welcome Break for snacks!
A beautiful park in Chester
Alexis and me in Chester.
The town that nearly ended me.
The Chester Cathedral.
Conwy Castle, in Wales
The smallest house in Britain!
Conwy is surrounded by walls, so cool!
Sitting on on the city walls
City walls in Conwy
View from the city walls in Conwy
Day 2, after surviving a horrendous night spent mostly in the loo, this is outside our hotel, look at the gorgeous view of the sea! (that I hardly got to enjoy....damn.)
Snowdonia National Park, I believe this is the namesake mountain covered in clouds.
Aubs and I in the National Park
Yay, pretty!
Loving the view of the sea!
This the train sign at the town with the longest name in Britain. Yes it's a real town name, it's written in Welsh and the girl who pronounced it made it sound beautiful. I have no freaking clue how to say it.
Pretty, mossy wall.
Alexis and me, in some lovely Wales scenery.
Trees in Beddgelert (pronounced Beth-geleret, crazy Welsh)
yes, yes were are awesome.
One of the last towns we stopped in had these awesome waterfalls.

Steam train! We took a ride through the countryside!

So there's Wales. I came, I saw, I puked. Good times.... not. 

I have more pictures to post from my adventures tonight which include a professional football match (Go Arsenal!) which was bloody fantastic! and hanging with the ladies at the pub for St. Paddy's day (only briefly, b/c they still closed at 11... lame). But, those shall come later, so tune in again, uh, later, and you can check those out. Katie will be here Friday! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see her face. And we are going to rock this town!

Ciao, ciao, ciao.


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