It really is just a bunch of rocks on a hill

First things first, yes I got another tattoo. Here it is for all to see. 

There, now those who dislike can get it out of there system before I come home. :)

Moving on! After I got my new ink last friday, Aubrey, Dana and I headed across town to check out a show with some bands.

Aubrey and Dana before heading in.
Bobby Long, the guy we came to see, he's really awesome.
Aw, friends.

Next up, this past weekend I took an amazing tour through the English countryside that went to Oxford, the Cotswolds, Bath, Lacock and Stonehenge. It was awesome! I felt smarter just being in Oxford. Beautiful place. And then Oh, the English Countryside and all the little villages were astounding! Bath was amazing, especially being a huge Jane Austen fan and knowing she lived there 5 years, so cool. And then Stonehenge, well, I can say I've seen it I guess. :) So here's some photos below, enjoy!

This is the building where students from Oxford graduate from.
This is behind the building they graduate in, and they use it to change their robes, but more importantly it was used as the site for the hospital in the Harry Potter movies!

Christ Church in Oxford.
Pretty little footpath through a chapel cemetery. 

Probably my favorite photo of us from the weekend, hahaha.

Best. Burger. Ever! Egg on top, weird I know, but seriously, it was beyond yummy!

Just frolicking in the English Countryside.


So pretty.

This was day 2 which started in Bath. We are in the Roman baths here and that's what the next few photos are of.

Roman baths with the Bath Abby in the background.

This was a giant circular road with buildings/houses surrounding it.

Looking down a street in Bath.
Very cool.

Me and Mr. Darcy. :) This was at the Jane Austen Center.
Bath Abby
Little hidden park in Bath.
I love old doors! This looked so cool. It was in a little village called Castle Combe.

Just touristing it up in Castle Combe.
Pretty little church.
Lacock Abby
More countryside!
Stonehenge. Yeah it was super windy and I have no idea what is up w/ my hair because of it, I look like I have a bad rug.


And that's all folks! Well not really, I have a ton of pictures. No trips this weekend, as I have a guest staying in my room a couple nights, but I might do a day trip here or there, you'll just have to tune back in to see.

Off to do hw! (boo.)


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