The Wheel In the Sky Keeps on Turning

Woah, check it, two post-one week, must be a record. On top of that the first post was updated. What?! Craziness yo.

So I'm just sitting here in my room, fresh out of the shower, rocking some Journey and figured I might as well post some pictures from Monday and today. Why the hell not, right? Right.

So first up ladies and gents is a round'o'photos from a little pub in Highbury called The Library (FYI, this is apparently a very popular pub name, as since then I've seen like two others with the same name). We went for a free acoustic set of some music, which turned out to be very cool and low key. I can't claim credit for most of these photos, as Dana took the majority of them with my camera, but enjoy.

Can you spot which hand is mine? Your hint, only one is mine cause I took the picture.

Dana's sweet shot of our drinks of the evening.

I don't know what his name was, but he was good.

So this dude passed me the golden egg. It's a shaker. I found out I have no rhythm and passed it on to Dana very quickly. :)

This dude, yeah, he was good too, his name you ask? No idea.

The next photos are from a city walk today around South Kensington including some museums.

Just a cool old door on an old church.

The Royal Albert Concert Hall.

Me being superbly excited at the Natural History Museum going up an escalator that, no joke, went through the earth. (Ok fine it was a giant metal replica of the globe, but STILL!)

The Victoria & Albert Museum. Awesome.

Sweet chandelier-thing in the entrance of the V & A Museum.
Go Aubrey, go! Jump on that 18th Century bed. :)
So awesome.

Silver and stained glass

I swear he was eyeballing me. Swear.

I definitely have to go back to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum that was next door that we didn't go in. But this Bill Nye the Science Guy Nerd will be attending those most likely on her own then, so I can play without boring all the non-nerds that would go with me. :D

What does tomorrow hold you ask? No clue. Best bet is some homework as I'm out of town again this weekend. Off to Oxford, Bath, Lacock, Cotswold and Stonehenge. Huzzah!

Ok, Journey's over, I'm out. Cheers ya'll!


Katie said...

Is it lame that I was all "Oh, Journey, I need to get back on that train" when I read your blog title? :)

a n n a b e e. said...

Nope, not lame at all. :)

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