Ob la di, Ob la da

Hey, hi, and hello. I tried posting these yesterday but my freaking internet would not upload the photos, and really, what would be the point then! Not too much going on so far this week, with school being Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday Alexis and I made another Dr. Who pilgrimage to see one of the last remaining Police Boxes, or Tardis (for fans of the Doctor)!, in London.

I'm not quite sure why I look slightly special in this picture, but it's no matter, I was excited. We walked off the tube and BAM, there it was. Awesome. I wanted to go in... but damn it was locked.

Since our pilgrimage really didn't take that long, and only required us to sit on the same tube (no transfers even, pfff) for 15 minutes, we decided to hang out in the Earl's Court area at this cute little cafe, have a latte and a delicious croissant. Mmmmmm.

And we did, you may have guessed it, another city walk! This one went up Primrose Hill and around the Primrose area. Absolutely gorgeous and clearly where lots of wealthy old people live. Aka: I totally want to live there! :)

There was the cutest little used bookstore!
Excitement made tangible! hahah

Apparently I own a clothing store, sweet.

Wow, looking normal in Primrose Hill....

hahah, that's more like it!

View of the city (including the zoo!) from atop Primrose Hill.

Some of those awesome houses.

The end of this walk led us to drumroll please... Abbey Road!

What is that you may say? Think back to the Beatles, the Abbey Road album, the cover where they walk across the street? Now look at my sad, solo rendition.

HAHAHA, I was busy trying not to die, seriously. This road was so busy. But yes, this is where they snapped that oh-so-famous picture. AWESOME!

Ok, off to start my day (god I love sleeping in!) Peace out!


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