Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Just another ho-hum Sunday in London Town. I've spent the whole day doing homework, which is always oh-so-freaking exciting. I am not alone in my feelings of wishing school was not a part of the deal to my time here, but alas it is and so I must conform to what is required of a student. Dang it. And because I run around all week and most of the weekend I leave it all until Sunday. :) But I'm almost done so I thought I'd take a quick reprieve and tell ya'll what's been happening the past few days.

I went to the Wellcome Library to see the War and Medicine gallery, which was pretty awe inspiring. I couldn't take photos inside, but I did take some pictures along the way, like this one here of what could equate with the term 'heaven on earth' for someone like me. It's a bookworms fantasy, the ginormous British Library.

And that was followed up by a delicious lunch at the Irish pub chain O'Neils,

Which was then followed by another city walk, this one around Soho, which included China Town and part of the theatre district.
In front of one of the gates in China town.

The Apollo Theatre where Katie and I will be seeing Three Days of Rain in March, which stars the beautiful James McAvoy! We have 3rd row seats!

And this isn't part of the walk, but I took it when I got our tickets in the mail to send to Katie to show her my excitement :)

Aubrey and Alexis on a corner in Soho.

Karl Marx once resided here.

The jazz club where Jimmy Hendrix played his last show before he died.

Mozart once lived and composed here.

Soho Square

On Friday, Alexis and I went to the British Museum and traipsed around for 4 hours... and still didn't see everything... not even close. I have a ton of photos of artifacts, but here are some of the building itself.

The main entrance to the British Museum.

The Great Court inside.

Look closely... yup, that's me, just horsing around with the priceless artifacts. No biggie.

As I wandered back home that day I figured it was sunny, so I'd take a shot of the street I walk up to my housing each day (when it's NOT covered in snow)

And below is the entrance to my housing. Exciting, eh? Not.

For Valentine's Day I went to Windsor Castle! What better way to celebrate the lamest day of the year than going to visit the fantasy living place of every girl in the world - a castle. It was pretty much amazing. It was also my first over ground train ride in GB, so that was pretty sweet as well. Again, I took about a million photos, so here are just a few smattering. I couldn't take photos inside the State Apartments or Queen Mary's Doll House, but I will tell you that it was A-MAZING. Now if only the Queen will rent me a room.....

Claudia, Aubrey, Me and Alexis fresh off the train in Windsor and excited!

Windsor Castle

Church on the Castle grounds

The changing of the guard! Complete with a marching band, which, shit you not, played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", awesome.
Me and my future residence. Don't I fit right in? :)

Claudia and Alexis, wandering around the Castle.

Heck YES! He totally didn't even flinch. But I did thank him after our photo shoot, my mama taught me manners after all.

After a long hard day of traipsing around a castle, we decided to recover our strength by hitting... you guessed it, the pub.

Alright, back to reading for me. Monday and Tuesday are chalk full of school for me, but one never knows what Wednesday and Thursday will hold before I embark for Scotland on Friday. You'll just have to tune in to see, same bat time, same bat channel.

Peace out.


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