Bits or No Bits?

I'm a no bits girl myself. :) 

So today was another lazy day in London town. After complaining that they put me in a Thursday class when I definitely did NOT want one, I found out that the class on Thursday would require me to download some majorly incompatible software on to my laptop so it was going to be a no go. Thankfully, I found another class, a poetry one, on Mondays! So I'm back to class only M/T. Fan-freaking-tastic.  Anywho's since I had no class, I decided to be somewhat productive and went to Tesco to buy laundry soap... but that's as far as I got on the laundry task. There's always tomorrow, right? Then I cleaned my room so I could snap these shots for you folks. It's a dorm room, nothing spectacular. Be sure to note my awesome hot pink duvet cover that I got in my bed pack. Sweet.
Alexis declared using my toilet akin to going to the bathroom in a Winnebago.

My cubby holes.

Aubrey, Alexis and I went to a local pub for a cheap-o lunch. They had fish & chips and tea for 3.20 pounds and I had a hamburger, chips and coke for 4.69. Seriously cheap and yummy. And then we hit up H&M in Oxford Circus (dangerous store... dangerous). Yesterday Alexis and I went shopping around Oxford circus as well as wandered around near Hyde Park where the Marble Arch and The Hard Rock Cafe can be seen, and down to the Camden market.  Here's some photos from those excursions.

The Marble Arch

Shot of Oxford Street


Some SWEET sunglasses in a vintage shop called Rokit. Note the Camden Market sign in the back, ya'll.

The three of us also went to this pub:

Yes, Filthy McNasty's. Really cool local pub, very relaxed atmosphere and was neither filthy or nasty, but for the Whiskey lovers, it's a Whiskey pub and I can't even list how many Whiskeys they had on hand.  Here's some photos of us from that as well.

This is the classic picture pose now coined "The Aubrey".


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