Oh crumbs...

So, yeah, it's been about a week since I've been on here, but it's been a busy week. Let's see... oh yeah, I went to the ZOO! The amazing London Zoo! This place is huge, seriously, huge, and I want to work there. I want to go back on a nice spring day, so more of the animals were out, but here are some photos from that excursion. Only a few, as I took a ton of them ( of course).

Reagents Park area on the way to the zoo. So beautiful!
The zoo!

Just monkeying around in the gift shop! :)

Calling HP fans again: They filmed a scene of the first movie here!

Look carefully above my head and to the left.. yup, that's a gorilla ladies and gents. Awesome.

Map of the whole zoo. Awesome, eh??

Leaving the zoo... awwww......

I basically hung out with Aubrey and Alexis all weekend. We wandered around Holborn area, then we took a city walk (thank you Katie for these amazing City Walk cards! They are 1-2 mile walking tours of various areas of the city, so great!) through Kensington Gardens. So here's some photos from that.
The neatest Tea Shop.

Streets in Holborn.

Warming up in a coffee shop. Yup, this is why Alexis and I are friends. :)

Summer House and fountains designed by Christopher Wren in Kensington Gardens.
Shot of Kensington Gardens.
Queen Victoria Statue next to Kensington Palace.
Kensington Palace, where many royals have lived including Queen Victoria and Princess Diana.

St. Mary Abbots Church in Kensington

Cloisters next to the church.
I also went to my first London club. It was pretty cool, just a local one, so it was very low key and they played the most RANDOM music. It was great. 

Monday and Tuesday were consumed by class. It makes for long days, but I sure am glad I get all my classes done at the beginning of the week! It leaves so much more time to play. :) I am finding most of my classes a little boring, which is a bummer, but oh well. Such is life! I have also re-learned how much I hate poetry and will be suffering every Monday morning in my lecture and seminar class. Ugh. Here's a couple snaps of my school area. More to follow once I get my butt to taking the photos. Generally I'm running too and fro when I'm there though.

The tube station I get off at twice a week for class.

The library I use, and have already spent many hours in (despite what ya'll might think!)

And today I went to East Ham, the longest tube ride away EVER, about 40 minutes, just to go visit this shop here with Alexis. Any Dr. Who fans? Well, if you are this shop is for YOU. It was great!
Excited for The Who Shop!

Sooo much Dr. Who stuff, it was amazing!

Then we did a city walk in Mayfair, but sadly it got dark and basically poured on us for the last portion of the walk (which included passing the US Embassy and the Roosevelt Monument) so there aren't any photos from the end, but some from the beginning.
Shot of buildings on Piccadilly Street in Mayfair.

The beautiful Royal Academy of Arts.

Just hanging around with some shady fellas.

Berkeley... in London?

Cool carvings on a church that was smashed between office buildings in Mayfair.

That's it for now folks! I've got some more sights on schedule for this weekend including the British Museum on Friday and Windsor Castle on Saturday.

Next weekend: Scotland!

And, even more excitingly, Alexis and I just booked our tickets to go to Cork, Ireland, in May! Roundtrip for 29.00 pounds, can't beat that! :)



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Your so luck...i wish i could have went to the zoo, the pub and everything else with you...so it sound like you are have lots of fun!! i stil cant believe that yuou only have class on mon/tue. lucky butt...Anyways, i miss ya...you really have missed much over here except for seeing my beautiful face...lol!! i love all the pictures so keep them coming...i feel a little sorry for you though..cause your dorm looks so tiny!! but i bet you only sleep there anyways....and why do you lie about using the library?? you dont know how to read..jk..lol!! wish i was there...love ya

love Rebecca

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