I'm like Typhoid Mary

But for snow storms. First year in WA = worst winter in like forever. First week in London = worst snow fall since 1991. Though, honestly, this place ain't got nothing on Spocompton. Though they do seem to lack the ability to shovel/salt sidewalks and roads with any sort of speed and efficiency, which would explain why I weeble wobbled my way to the tube station today looking much like a penguin would if it were to walk through, say, sand. But ALAS! I did not fall.. yet. And it's melting away now. But, for your viewing pleasures, here are a few snap shots of my progress to the tube yesterday (I lugged my ass all the way down there while it was snowing, ran a bunch of errands before class only to find out... classes were all canceled. nice.)

The first 2 are from a little park right down my road, the other 2 are from my progress down St. James Street towards the Angel Tube Station.

So there you have it. Since yesterday was a snow day, today is my first official day of class. I had one already and it was alright, definitely a different teaching style round here. And then I have one more around 6 tonight, so we'll see how it goes!


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