Don't eat the Peking Duck, especially if it's white meat

"Where have you been hiding Anna?" you might be asking yourselves. 
My reply, "Uh, here doing nothing."

Yup, it's been a dull week here but with good reason. My first official assessment is due on Tuesday, an essay for 20th Century fiction, so I've been working on that, and I have a test on Tuesday in my British Society class as well (though I haven't been working on that, haha). But lots of folks have assessments do, so it's been a kind of mello, work week around here. And with no trips planned this weekend, well, you get the drift. I did go to St. Paul's Cathedral and hike my ass all the way up the dome (though sadly the very top gallery was closed, boo). What a truly magnificent place.  Here are some photos, the first two are from inside and incredibly NOT allowed. hahaha, granted the first one I didn't know you couldn't take photos, but the second, it was just too pretty, I had to. :)

Coming in the main entrance.
Behind the dome alter. Beautiful!
View from the Stone Gallery up the many stairs of the Dome.
Aubrey and Me, getting beat to death by the wind up there.

Shot of St. Paul's and one of the gardens around the cathedral.

I also did an extremely "normal" thing tonight and went and saw a movie. haha, it was great! 

What else, ah, yes. Tickets, train tickets were purchased today! For a day trip to Nottingham (YAY! Go Robin Hood!) and for the Eurostar to Paris! So exciting! As you can see, things are going to get very busy and exciting from here on out. I shall try to post photos and such as soon as I can after the adventures to come. Just to give you an idea how crazy it's going to get (and why I'm totally cool with being mellow this week) here's a look at what's ahead.

3/9 - Going to see the show 'Avenue Q'
3/11 - Possibly going to see 'Mamma Mia'
3/12 - Nottingham!
3/14-15 - Trip to Wales

and most exciting of all....
3/20-3/26 - Katie will be here! We're going to rock this town! Including going to see "Three Days of Rain" and "The Phantom of the Opera"! Good times are ahead my friends, good times. Plus I've planned another trip to Scotland, leaving likely just after Katie does on 3/27, with some friends. And then after that is my whirlwind spring break, which I'll detail later because it's late, I'm tired and frankly too incredibly lazy to look it all up right now.

In other news today I officially think I saw an asian teen gang trying to jump a sole white british kid. Claudia and I were standing in front of a discount theatre ticket place when some shouting started behind us, I turn to investigate (because I'm nosy) and there is this kid, squaring off with like 3 asian teens, and he starts swinging (god bless his fighting little heart) and then the little asian gang gets all "Oh no he didn't!" and starts puffing themselves up. It's then that I want to yell "Run Forrest, RUN!" but refrain, however, I think the kid picked up my signal telepathically because he started to beat feet. Sadly, and I am not exaggerating, these asian teens started pouring fourth from everywhere and there were at least 20-30 of them that started to chase after him. I have no idea what became of them, only that the ticket man disappeared with his cell phone pressed to his ear and about 2 minutes later a cop car went blazing by. It was quite entertaining to say the least, but poor little fella, I hope he didn't become the special at the chinese buffet that evening.

Hmm.. yup, that's it. 


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