Karma really is a bitch

Or perhaps I should say fate. Being the slightly sadistic person I am who laughs at others when they fall (literally, not metaphorically, I'm not that sinister people) it only stands to reason that when Alexis fell off a log in the Sherwood Forest... I laughed. When Aubrey fell on the edge of a cliff and did the splits to keep from tumbling over... I laughed. (Both times I did make sure they were alright as well.... whilst stifling the giggles, because MAN do they both fall amazingly graceful and FUNNY-like.)

SO, what happens to me? Oh yes, you know where this is going. I laughed and thus in turn must have my chance to be laughed at.  That is all well and good, but dammit can't I have it happen in a slightly remote place like my friends with only my friends to see the damage and reminisce about later? No, of bloody course not.  I, instead, get to trip/fall.... while getting a bus.... in London... full of people.... and almost take a granny out with me. No shit. It didn't hurt anything, but my pride a little, and no one laughed, but you know when they get home they are going to tell that story to everyone they see. "This chick totally ate shit getting on the bus fool!" Yup, you know how I know this? Because it is EXACTLY what I would do. And in fact, I did start to get the giggles thinking about my tumble halfway through my bus ride. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can?

But seriously karma? You're on notice.


Katie said...

BWAHAHAHHAAHAHA. That kills me. And I love that it was on the bus, because you KNOW I would have emailed you with another bus story about someone who nearly took out a granny while falling on the bus. :) It's who we are.

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