Quick update from the bringer of bad weather

Ok so greece is basically amazing. Athens was alright, the historical aspects were pretty sweet, but Santorini, WOW. I love this island. Sadly, of course because I'm typhoid Anna with weather, the rain from London has followed us here! It was beautiful the first day, cloudy the second, and rainy today, but we did manage to get a few hours of sunlight which were gorgeous. I romped around a volcano yesterday, swam in what was supposed to be hot springs, but they were totally luke-warm-springs, and then rode a donkey up the stairs to Fira. Today we rented a car, Best. Idea. Ever. It was fantastic! We drove up and down the island like twice.

Tomorrow we head to Rome and guess what?? Of course early this morning there was a huge earthquake 90km outside of Rome. Grrreeeaat. Typhoid Weather Anna strikes again. But apparently Rome is good to go, it's just a small town called L'aquila or something that is hit, so no one worry or panic.

I have about a billion photos (more like 500ish) from Greece, of which I will work on posting some when I get home in about a week!



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