Paris in 48 hours?

Where have I been? Oh you know, just taking a 2 hour high speed train ride under the English Channel to Paris. The Eurostar was actually kind of cool, and super fast. But yes, Aubrey and I went to Paris on Thursday and came home yesterday on Saturday.  We were there for just over 48 hours, which sounds crazy, but really was plenty of time as right now it doesn't get dark there until about 10 pm, so that gave us plenty of daylight to see what I would now call one of the most beautiful cities I've seen. It's absolutely beautiful, gorgeous architecture. Loved it! And the concept of French people being snooty and rude, not so much true. We met tons of nice people and were never ill treated in a restaurant or anything. 

I do have to say that Paris made me realize there are 2 things that should never grace the public eye. Ever. Never. Ever. One: Man purses. Seriously boys, leave the purses to the gals. A man bag is borderline yucky, but a Murse is just down right NOT ok. Especially one that's got ruffles on it and is something I would pick up in Target and go "Ooooo this is so cuuuuuute!" Two: Man capris.... manpris. Again, NOT ok. Especially ones that look identical to ones I myself have tried on in Old Navy. Come on fellas, truly, European man or not, neither are attractive looks. I mean, just imagine this conversation:

"Oh honey I don't have room in my bag for this, can you put it in your purse?"
"Sure thing, let me just undo this buckle and VIOLA!"

I'm sure it happens all the time there. *shudder*

Ok, ok, I'll shut up now, I know you're just here for the pictures, so here they are:

Le Eiffel Tower!
Can you spot me? I'm totally in this one, me and ol' Eiffel.
Paris from the 2nd story of the Eiffel Tower

I love this one :) hahaha, this is what happens when Aubs and I hang out.
Paris all lit up from the top of the Eiffel Tower!
IT'S SO PRETTY AT NIGHT! (Uh, yes I like it that much)
Friday in Paris was full of sunshine, which made us happy... and even more weird. :)

Shot of parts of the city near Notre Dame
Cute little street that also had an AMAZING Orchid Shop on it
Notre Dame yo! Sadly, the hunchback was out to breakfast.

Inside Notre Dame, it was beautiful!

Some street in Paris
Inside Luxembourg Gardens
Some woods WAY on one side of Paris that we went to so we could go to the zoo there. After about 2 hours of searching we found the zoo.... and it was deserted. No people. No animals. Locked tight. SUCK.
But at least it was pretty!

Arc de Triomphe!
I love their city streets.
We even went to Montemarte district to see the Moulin Rouge.

Montemarte district (Not pictured: TONS of sex shops, "dvd" shops, live show places and peep shows. hahahahahaa, awesome. We even saw a freaking pimp walking down the street, believe me, there was no mistaking him.)
Saturday was the LOUVRE!!!
The Winged Victory
Davinci anyone??
Oh Mona Lisa, won't you give us a smile?
Davinci not for you, how bout Raphael?
Wave to the folks at home Venus de Milo, oh wait...
Michelangelo's "Dying Slave" statue
Cupid and Psyche, I LOVE this statue, it's so pretty.
Part of the King Louise XVI apartments in the Louvre, aka, my next home.
Part of the Lovre on the left, the Eiffel Tower, and the arc in front of the Louvre on the right
Another shot of the Louvre, this place is massive and awe inspiring. 
The gardens in front of the Louvre

So there's Paris. Next stop this coming weekend is Newcastle, which is in England. We're going to see Hadrian's Wall, the wall between England and Scotland built by the Romans. And then I'm in the city until I go to Ireland on the 16th. 

Two days of class left and I'm done! :) I still have essays to do, but those are a snap once I actually sit down and do them. I worked on one today, I'll finish it tonight, then 2 to go. Sweetness. Let's hear it for 11 week semesters! 

Man, this post lacks any snarky and or funny stories as well. Hmm.... I don't like this trend. I did go to Camden today with Claudia and some of her flatmates to watch one of their flatmates play at an open mic in a pub and walking back through Regent's Park she nearly fell flat on her face, which was entertaining... but you had to see it, ya know? Yup, sorry, got nothing, so I'm going to just end this right now otherwise I could go on and on and on about absolutely nothing just to avoid having to work on my essays but that wouldn't really be very smart of me since classes are almost done and I really just need to do them so I can play in the city without feeling any guilt about what I should be doing but am not doing, so you see, it's probably best that I just you know, go get to work. :)


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OMG! What a pretty place. Thanks for posting pics! Those statues were/are gorgeous. :)

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