Lazy days and if you weren't on a bus kid I'd beat the freaking crap out of you

Thank all that is divine and holy in this world that I only have 3 days of class left in this term because my classes SUCK. They suck harder than anything I could ever imagine. Today I spent 5 hours (not 6 b/c I refused to go ferment for an hour in my genetics seminar) in class basically trying to pry my eyelids open. How do you say B-O-R-I-N-G in multiple languages so that I  can cover all my bases? Seriously, hard core suckage.  Even more annoying is that it is actually sunny here now and all I want to do is run and frollick in the parks.. ok, more like sit in the sun, take a nap and read... kind of like I did on Sunday.

Sunday was pretty much the best day ever  because I slept in late, the sun was shinning brightly and I decided to pack up a towel and a book and head to Regents Park. Love.  It amazes me that as soon as the sun is shinning, Londoners flock to the parks like it's going out of style. You see people laying everywhere napping, having a picnic or just hanging out with the friends. It's fantastic!  I mean, who wouldn't want to hang out in a place that looked like this!

The English Gardens at this place are RIDICULOUS. And by that I mean I want to uproot them and plant them in my very own little garden that I will some day have.  The flowers are all in bloom (because most likely they were just planted) but the colors are so freaking vibrant it almost hurts your eyes.  Check out these amazing fuchsia tulips. No, this photo has not been photoshopped, it is just THAT amazing.  I want to spend every day in the park (well, so long as it's sunny and not raining, really, that's no fun for anyone.

I told you, amazing flowers.  I can't wait to check out all the other parks and gardens in May, as I'll have a lot more time in the city since most of my travel will be done.  Speaking of travel, I'm off to Paris on Thursday and will be gone until Saturday.  Yay! We're taking the Eurostar, so that should be interesting.  This is one of my last big trips.  I'm going to Ireland in May and that's it.  I will be doing some travel within England still though, but mostly I want to soak up as much of the city as I can be fore I head back to the good ol' US of A.

Moving away from the beautiful part of this city, here are two things that happened to me while I was waiting for/on the bus today.  This morning as I waited for the bus grumpily to head to class, a tour bus passed by and I didn't even glance in it's direction.  Except, just before it passed by I flicked my eyeballs up, and I was wearing sun glasses and didn't move my head so it was totally a sidelong glance, and some bastard teenage kid was flipping me off!! What the hell yo?! I'm just minding my business, waiting for bus numero 43 to lug my ass to campus so I can sit and ponder stabbing myself to stay awake and YOU Mr. I'm 15 and on a freaking lame-o tour bus at 9 am in London are going to flip me off?! Oh, such rage... which was sucked into the abyss of boredom shortly after.

Then, on my way home I was sitting on the upper deck of the bus and glanced down.  What do my eyes behold but a man looking much like a Public Enemy reject complete with the flat top fro with designs on the sides and BRIGHT purple high-top reeboks.  I laughed my ass off.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you're missing out.

OH, also, the girls and I met up with some friends at a pub on Saturday night (which would be why I slept in) and decided to dance for a little while on their dance floor. I kid you not they freaking played "Ice Ice Baby". I about peed my pants laughing so hard as I boogied to good ol' Vanilla Ice. Bloody fantastic.


Megan Lauriana said...

Those pictures are SO gorgeous... and wow. I would have probably laughed my butt off if I had seen that guy. Heck, I laughed at your description of the guy. Jeez. It made my eyes water.

I'm SO happy you are having a good time... besides the school part... :(

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