Rome: The City that hates me.

I clearly suck, hard core, and Rome is apparently full of little gnomes that run around tripping me (thank you Alexis). After our freaking 6 hour lay over in Athens, we took the hour and a half flight to Rome, found our luggage, hit the train station and arrived near where our hostel was. Here comes Anna, just trying to get off the train with her huge suitcase. Well, the little gnomes decided against me... and so did the fact that there was a third step I DIDN'T see. Needless to say I fell out of the train, onto the cement platform and miraculously managed to throw myself on top of my suitcase to save my face from being smashed. Luckily, no harm was done to me, but my suitcase did brush the foot of an Italian lady and she looked like she wanted to murder me... rather than help the poor dying white girl that JUST ATE SHIT OUT OF A FUCKING TRAIN get up off the ground.

So then this morning Alexis and I were wandering around our general neck of the woods while we're waiting for our friend Claudia's train to arrive so we can go hit all the cool sights, and there is a museum right by us. We decide to go in and see if it costs money or not, I got to step on the FIRST STEP and eat shit... again... on marble stairs. This time, it hurt, like a bitch, and when I find those freaking gnomes they are all becoming lawn ornaments.

Anywho's, so far Rome is well, just like any other big city. We'll see after we hit some historic sights.

Roman gnomes: you're on notice.


Anonymous said...

Well I guess the meaning of your name does not help you huh? (mom)

Denise said...

Y'know. I'm beginning to think that you're bad luck. Haha don't worry, if it makes you feel better, if I would have seen you fall out of the train, I would have helped you up...but I would probably be laughing hysterically the entire time ;) Hope you're having a good time in Europe. I'm still jealous. :)

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