If only Einstein could see me now

Because I am an ingenuity GOD! Why you say? Well, let me just paint a scenario for you. Last night I was hungry, it was dinner time, so I made some pasta. But, it was like the bottom of the bag so you know I had that whole "It's too much to eat but damn I don't want to leave just a handful of noodles in the bag" situation going on. So I made the whole bag, dumped the jar of sauce in and Viola! Of course it was WAY to freaking much. And being that I'm living in scarce conditions, especially in the kitchen department my next thought was "Well crap, what now. I don't have any tupperware to store this in, no way to keep it in the fridge, so now I have to chuck it!" ALAS! No! Because I am a genius.  My eyes slid to the right where the empty pasta sauce jar was sitting. Nooo... I couldn't use that... could I? YES! I totally could. It fit, it went in the fridge, and I just heated it up and consumed its pasta deliciousness. I am so like Einstein, but with waaaay better hair (though as the weeks progress that's getting debatable, I need a cut so bad!)

Awesome, awesome, awesome. You know what else is awesome, being done with class for the week! Of course my Wednesday is packed with things to do... well only the afternoon/evening and really only 1 of them is "work/school" time, the rest is playing with friends... but, potato patato.

I actually ran into someone I knew today, that was a strange occurrence for me. I don't generally see people I know out and about, but I ran into this kid Ryan who I met at Claudia's over Spring Break and we rode the bus together for awhile, and then I almost ate crap going down the stairs while the bus was coming to a stop. Love the view from the top deck, but we all know I'm not THAT graceful.

Anywho's since this post lacks it's usual oddities and snarkiness because really, nothing super exciting happened today I just wanted to share my awesome invention with ya'll, here are a couple creepy photos of me and my WICKED awesome handmade carnival mask from Venice!

Now those photos should make you feel totally normal! :) Yes, yes this is what I do instead of working on my essays. Holla!


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