Like the movie Final Destination only as a comedy

So if you read the last post you know about my mishaps in Rome. New flash ya'll: they only continued. I managed to trip and stumble all over this city, especially in the Forums and then miraculously was walking down the street and got a plastic newspaper tie wrapped around my feet... propelling me forward and almost surely to a much needed case of dental surgery except I managed to cling to a pole next to me for dear life. Seriously Rome, what. the. hell. BUT lovely enough, the Roman gnomes moved on to attacking Alexis today, as she stumbled a few times and fell on the steps up to the Basilica in the Vatican. :) I am not alone. Oh and Denise, no worries, I laughed at myself each and every time I fell, so you would totally be allowed to laugh!

We're getting ready to catch a train to where my friend Claudia lives and spend a few days with her family. I'm definitely excited for that!

Rome: I came, I saw, I fell, you killed my feet and now I'm pooped and going to nap on the train. But, you are a lovely city!



Megan Lauriana said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I have to say that I laughed really hard at your last couple of posts. Usually I read them at work, so i rarely have time to comment. But, for the record. I would laugh at you if you fell and I would expect a laugh in return if I fell. Hell, I'd laugh WITH you if I fell. :)

I can't wait for you to post pictures. :)

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