The longest post ever, Part One.

I set out to post just a small smattering of the pictures from my trip and realized that if I put this small smattering in one post, it would literally take longer than most people want to waste to skim through, so it's coming in two parts. And mind you this really is a small selection, as I took about 1,000 photos in two weeks. Yikes! :) So, the fact that I originally intended to do it all in one post will explain why Italy is posted before Greece, even though I went to Greece first.

And since I've been back, today is the first day I've seen the sun. Talk about a shock to the system after almost 2 weeks of sunshine, I return to London where it's, of course, raining. And what did I have to do on this sunny day? Go to the library and work on my lap report due Monday (which is done and done!) and now I get to work on some other stuff, but at least the sun is streaming through the window.

Enjoy Italy, I know I did!

On the plane from Athens to Rome, happy to be moving after a 6 hour layover!
Santa Maria Maggiore Church in Rome
Claudia, me and Alexis at the Colosseum!!! Weeee!
BAM, Colosseum comin' atcha.
Inside the Colosseum
Come on Claudia, get in there!
View of the Colosseum from inside the Forums.
The Forums in Rome
Inside the Forums
The Pantheon in Rome
Rafael's tomb inside the Pantheon
Trevi Fountain!
Vatican City, wow is all I can say.
On the way to the Sistine Chapel you pass through so many hallways and rooms, all with amazing ceilings, here are a couple of them.

This is inside the St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.
Hanging out by some bridges just outside the Vatican.
The Spanish Steps!
Taking a breather on the Spanish Steps, the three of us totally took a nap on them, uh, haha, awesome.

Now we leave rome and head to Fabriano where my friend Claudia lives with her awesome family that let us invade their home for four days. We also spent time in a nearby city called Gubbio.

In Gubbio standing outside the house that Claudia's boyfriend is building.
Town square in Gubbio
Crazy tiny little streets in Fabriano. I didn't think I could see any crazier or weirder ones... and then I went to Venice.
Me and my cute new little Italian family!

From Fabriano we went to Florence. We were there less than 24 hours but basically saw what we needed to see.

Alexis and I walking around in Florence.
The Duomo, so huge and gorgeous!
A piazza that had a ton of sculptures in it.
The Ponte Vecchio Bridge.
Me touristing it up on the bridge.
I don't remember the name of this church, but it was beautiful.
Rocking out in a 99 cent store!

Last stop in Italy, Venice! We spent about 2 days here.  It's crazy there. There are no cars, just tons of boats, the streets are a maze of little alley ways and the gondola guys stand around chanting "Gondola, gondola, gondola" at passing tourists.

A typical Venice scene.
Posing on one of the MANY foot bridges over the small canals.
San Marco church
Lots and lots of gondolas
More footbridges.
The Rialto bridge, pain in my ass with my luggage, let me tell you.
Us doing some shopping around the Rialto.
Riding a gondola ferry across the Grand Canal.
I loved this shot! With the water and all the laundry, it was great!
The first Jewish Ghetto in Europe.
From the restaurant we ate dinner at our only night there.
See, boats, water, footbridges.
 This is from the other major footbridge that crosses the Grand Canal, I believe it's called the Academia bridge, or something similar to that.
On the bridge.
The basilica we crossed the water to see.
Hanging out on the church stairs.
I took this while we were waiting for our gondola ferry ride back.
Bored, waiting for Alexis to finish up in a shop.

And there you have it, a small taste of my week in Italy. I'll start on Greece, stat.


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